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Why You Should Care Your Teeth, Throat, Eyes and Tongue

Updated on September 20, 2012

Teeth, Throat, Eyes and Tongue are the most important parts of a human body and these parts play a vital role in a human being's body. These three organs are something that we cannot imagine living without. The teeth, throat, eyes and tongue really helps us to enjoy this beautiful world and any harm to these organs really prevents us from enjoying the amazing beauty that surrounds us. So we always try to preserve teeth, throat, eyes and tongue with utter importance as they have different properties that lead to a happy and enjoyable life.

I am not a medical doctor and not at all associated with any medical fields and this hub is written just on the basis of things that I have experienced in my life. I have had injuries to many parts of my body in the past, but the most painful and disturbing injuries were the ones that were caused to my throat, teeth and tongue during various phases of my life. So I knew how it is when these sensitive body parts are damaged and how difficulty a person has to face while damaging them.

The teeth help us to chew our food for better digestion, while the throat helps us to swallow our tasty food in the desired amount. The eyes helps us to see the beauty of the nature that we are living and the tongue helps us to get the taste of the food that we eat. So all these organs have different specialties and importance. A loss or damage that occurs to these organs cannot be tolerated at all as it causes unimaginable pain and complicated issues for us.

So we all must try to give high importance for our teeth, eyes, throat and tongue and must not ever tolerate these parts to undergo any types of damages or diseases. Whenever you see that your teeth is suffering from diseases or cavity you need to repair it or find a solution at the earliest. Similarly for example, if you have Tonsil Stones in your throat, then you must strictly try to get rid of Tonsil Stones at any cost, either by consulting a doctor or by following diets for Tonsil Stones.

And in any case you feel some irritation of reduced power of your eyes, you should not stay back rather you have to visit a nearest eye specialist. And finally if you develop any type of infection with your tongue, it will have to be taken seriously and should not wait to visit an ENT specialist and get it cured. If you treat any disorder to your teeth, throat or eyes in the initial stage you can get cured without spending too much and that too within less time. On the other hand if you do not visit the doctor at the initial stages then things will be out of your control and you may end up losing the functionality, power or even the organ itself.

So you must always consider your teeth, tongue, eyes and throat as the most important organs that connects you to the world in front of you and should give due repsect to these part. In normal conditions, most of us cannot imagine a life without any of these organs since they are very much useful to us and we have to take a leaf out of those who have lost these parts at any time of their lifetime.


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