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Why You Should Eat Garlic - The Life Saving Benefits of Garlic

Updated on December 30, 2014

Allium sativum, or simply, garlic, belongs to the onion family. Originally from central Asia, garlic is now common in Europe (especially the Mediterranean) and Africa. It is used in both cooking and medicine.

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates, Ancient Greek physician

Garlic is a well known natural health remedy, and has been used to treat and cure various ailments for over 7,000 years. It can be consumed fresh, cooked, in seasoning, flakes, powder, pills - it doesn't matter, once it gets into you!

Now for the best part!

  • Garlic wins the battle against the common cold!

How often have we heard "there's no cure for the common cold"? Well, it seems eating a clove of garlic (not the nicest experience, but if it decreases your cold by 60-70%...) is the closest thing we have right now. Cheaper than a trip to the chemist, if nothing else.

  • Garlic may help control Diabetes!

Garlic enhances the amount of insulin in the blood and therefore can help to regulate blood levels.

  • Garlic proven to prevent Alzheimer's!

Garlic contains antioxidants which protect cells from damage and aging which contribute to dementia.

  • Garlic boosts the immune system!

Garlic strengthens your immune system and can protect against chest infections, the common cold (congestion, coughing). Garlic also contains Vitamin C and the pair go hand in hand in combatting the flu!

  • Garlic helps to eliminate heavy metals!

Garlic contains sulfur, which, in high doses, has been shown to detoxify heavy metals (which cause organ damage).

  • Garlic improves bone health!

Although more studies are needed, there is evidence to suggest that because garlic helps to decrease estrogen deficiency in females, resulting in healthier bones.

  • Garlic reduces tumours!

Garlic contains Vitamin B6, which is known for fighting cancer. When treated with garlic, patients with bladder cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer and breast cancer all had their tumours significantly reduced.

  • Garlic and Vitamin B6!

As I said above, garlic is a good source of Vitamin B6. What Vitamin B6 does is help the growth of new cells, boosts the immune system and can control mood swings, making you overall happier.

  • Garlic beats Viagra!

Garlic is known for helping with impotency and is cheaper, and better for you, than that Viagra perscription!

  • Garlic and pregnancy!

Consuming garlic is known to help increase the weight of babies while in the womb. Maybe don't overdo this one... Ouch!

  • Garlic to treat Hyperthyroid conditions!

Garlic has a high level of iodine, which help with treating hyperthyroid conditions.

  • Garlic Cures Infections!

When crushed, garlic releases a natural antibiotic called Allicin. This can be used for infected wounds, vaginal infections, bacterial infections and fungal infections.

  • Garlic can expand your life line!

Because garlic improves your cholesterol (less risk of heart disease), lowers blood pressure, control diabetes and can treat cancer, it makes perfect sense that you would live a longer life!


Do not consume garlic on an empty stomach.

Consuming too much garlic will result in stronger body odour. Just in case you didn't know.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 3 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      I like garlic. I usually sauté it and throw in veggies. I have a friend who actually takes it daily as a health regimen.