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Why are humans so easily trapped into addictions?

Updated on November 13, 2009

when the gift of life just isn't enough........

      How many different types of rehab are offered these days?  What excuses are people being offered for their inabilities to control themselves today?  Of course I understand there are REAL syndromes and chemical imbalances, but we are an advanced enough society to treat those true disabilities.  It is those who have chosen to abuse the life that has been bestowed to them that cause such angst to others around them.

    Let's face it folks, if alcoholic beverages are on your weekly shopping list and you are the primary consumer, the chances are, you have a problem.  It may not be a major one, but it isn't alright to put something so unhealthy into your body on a daily basis.  We are a world so worried about obesity and diseases, yet we willingly destroy our brains, lungs and livers.

    There is a huge difference between having a beer with some friends while watching a sunday afternoon football game, having wine with dinner or toasting some good news with a bottle of champagne and opening a bottle of wine every evening to help yourself sleep better at night.  There is also a difference between one or two beers once a week and a six pack or case being consumed almost nightly.

    That said, lets look at how we damage our lungs.  Raising the price of cigarettes to $8.00 a pack has not stopped enough people from pouring dangerous chemicals willingly into their lungs.  So you say, its fine, I am only hurting myself.  I am not like the drinker who will consume and then climb into their car and drive.  However, a smoker pollutes the air.  A smoker will infect the lungs of those who live with them or are exposed to their habit on a regular basis.  The asthma population grows.  It is amazing how many children I know who own nebulizers and carry inhalers.  Smokers should take a look at what a lung with lung cancer looks like and think about those you will leave behind after you have died from this horrific form of cancer.

   We are a medicated community.  If there is a problem with out children, medication is recommended.  If we are stressed out, we end up on some sort of sedative or another.  Of course, as I noted earlier many people do need these medications due to chemical imbalances and are living far better lives with their medications.  It is those who do not need them that I find fault with.  Those who have self created problems that are most worrisome to me.  Our world needs humans to be accountable for their actions, not to blame various syndromes that are born out of our need to cover up our inadequacies.

    So I look to the people who are out walking and running.  I proudly read the list of those who walk or run in maranthons knowing how much they care about their bodies.  That they would change their eating and exercise habits in order to allow their body to complete such a feat.  I gaze at the medals my son has brought home from the Public School Special Olympics fully aware of the laboring that was done him to finish and earn these awards.  I love to encourage and cheer on my younger children while they run the soccer field and the basketball court.  I know that my son will hike for miles next weekend while carrying a pack on his back.  My son who has asthma and exercises as often as possible because he is praying and hoping that the workouts with strengthen his lungs and one day he can throw away his inhaler.

   Why can't we be grateful with this wonderful vessel we have been given and live our lifes to the fullest?  Why must we pump it full of drugs, alcohol,and food filled with chemicals?  Why do we try to hurt ourselves under the guise of having a good time?  Many people are not so lucky.  They are confined to beds, they need organ transplants, many babies never leave the confines of the hospital they were born in.  Those people would love a healthy body.  They would not voluntarily fill it chemicals and kill it quickly. 

    We as humans do not seem to satisfy these days.  We have problems with substance abuse, infidelity, gambling, spending money on basically nothing, running up bills for no reason and many other non essentials.   We can be in a marriage and rather than work out the simplest of problems with counselors or our partner, we run out and cheat on our spouse.  We become addicted to something else and make the problem far worse than it was in the first place.  Are we truly supposed to be the smartest animal on earth?  Hmmm, perhaps not.




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    • arindam1234 profile image

      arindam1234 8 years ago

      really u r right. u have depicted the vivid picture of the real life of recent era. we, the youth spend our lives wasting in the bad way and damaging our own aura instead of creating something glorious. it is our fault to groom ourselves and we r engaging in the bad element in the society. we r the pioneer of us and we have to take the initiative to change things and pull the right on us.