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Why do I Keep Getting Pimples at the Same Spot

Updated on May 7, 2016

Recurring Acne

Recurring Acne
Recurring Acne | Source

Why do you keep having recurring pimples?

Pimples are skin disorders that occur to almost everyone, with adolescents or teenagers being at higher risk. These swellings or spots on the skin can occur at any part of the skin, however, pimples mostly appear on the face, forehead, neck, back, chest, shoulders and armpit. They cause a lot of discomfort and can be painful at times as well as being embarrassing to an individual.

Sometimes you experience that you always get pimples at one particular spot, for instance you might notice that a pimple on your cheek seems to heal or vanish then reappear at the same spot at another time. Well, this experience is not something that is happening to only you, but it is common and does happen to many people. This is why we have taken the time to address this issue and identify the reasons why it keeps on appearing at the same spot and some possible steps you can take to avoid this infamous cycle.

Reasons why pimples appear at the same spot

There are some possible reasons why you always have a particular spot on your body, most at times pimples appear on the face. The following could be the reason why;

I. Cystic acne; one major type of acne which is usually responsible for appearing at the same spot on your skin is cystic acne. This type of acne’s has symptoms which are characterized by swellings that remain beneath the skin surface.

II. Stress; another possible cause for recurring pimples at the same spot is stress. Identify the location of your skin that is often affected by this vicious cycle, if they are usually on your forehead or cheeks, then stress could be the cause.

III. Menstrual cycle; for some women, the recurrence could be on monthly basis and this might be as a result of their period. A woman’s menstrual cycle usually involves a lot of hormonal changes and this could explain why some women keep getting acne at the same spot on regular basis.

IV. Dirt; some people might not really understand why dirt causes the recurrence, however, if you are found of regularly touching a particular spot or area of your skin, usually your face (which is most vulnerable), then you could be transferring some dirt from your fingers onto that area, and this might be the reason for the vicious cycle, as dirt can block the pores.

V. Weakness in follicular wall; the possible reason behind the regular appearance of acne at one particular spot on your skin could be that the follicular wall at that particular spot could be weak (Source: Share Care).

VI. Constant contact; constant contact or touch to one particular area of your skin can lead to a lot of pressure being exerted to that spot. The stimulation resulting from the contact could lead to oil production in excess, which can block the pores.

VII. Mobile phone; your mobile phone, when put on your face for a long period, generates heat which can cause stimulation on your face, which can lead to pimples recurring at one particular spot, usually the area where you normally place the phone on you face.

How to treat recurring pimples

The possible treatment options for pimples that seem to always appear at the same spot usually depends on the cusses of the infamous cycle, however, the following are some possible ways to treat the recurrence of acne;

  1. Reduce the rate at which you touch the spot; if the usual occurrence of pimples at one particular spot is as a result of dirt being transferred from your fingers, then the best thing to do is to avoid touching that particular spot on regular basis.
  2. Seek medical treatment; it is advisable to seek medical attention especially if the problem is resulting from cystic acne. Your doctor would be able to advice you and provide you with the right medication to treat the acne.
  3. Benzoyl peroxide treatment; the introduction of benzoyl peroxide treatment in your daily activities would help kill bacteria around the area (Source: Women’s Health).
  4. Use Bluetooth headpiece; since your mobile phone can cause recurring pimples on your face, then it is time to use wireless Bluetooth headpiece.
  5. Wash regularly; it is a prerequisite that you take your bath at least twice a day. You would do yourself a lot good following this simple practice. You should regularly wash your hands to avoid bacteria getting to your skin from your fingers.

The recurrence of acne at one particular spot creates a lot of inconveniences to an individual, hence it is best that you try as much as possible to avoid this ferocious cycle by using any of the above mentioned treatment options. It is best to seek medical advice, so always try to consult your doctor before applying any medication.

The source for the above information are; Share Care, Women’s Health and Popsugar.

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Recurring Pimples

Recurring Pimples
Recurring Pimples | Source


To summarize the above, I would say that it is imperative to keep a high level of personal hygiene and try as much as possible to get medical attention whenever you notice acne that seems to be appearing at the same spot, as this would help you to reduce the recurrence.


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