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Why do we find time to watch our favorite television shows but not workout?

Updated on January 25, 2016

We're Not Machines

We were not meant to work, work, work and work some more all the time. While our bodies might work like machines, we are NOT machines.

We are very similar to machines, like a car. We have an engine, our heart, that pumps our blood, with nutrients, oxygen, etc, to all the right places and we even have wheels, our limbs, to help us get anywhere. So, if we didn't take care of any of these parts on our cars, would our cars work well? No. These are just 2 comparisons!

So, why do we allow our jobs and/or t.v. shows to keep us from some daily maintenance?

My new train of thought is, "If I have time to watch t.v., then I have time to exercise". It works!! An American Heart Association (AHA) article states, "Being physically active is important to prevent heart disease and stroke, the nation’s No. 1 andNo. 5 killers.". That statement alone is enough to get me moving!!!

Here are a few ideas for those of us that have very busy lives...

I have 1, 2, 3 or 9 kids and don't have time.

I'm starting with this scenario because it's the most common one I hear. If you have kids, you probably have more time than anyone! No, I'm just kidding!! ha ha However, you do have kids and you should use them to your advantage.

The AHA reccommends:

  • At least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least 5 days per week for a total of 150

  • At least 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity at least 3 days per week for a total of 75 minutes; or a combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity aerobic activity.

This can be done WITH your kids!! Our kids don't go outside enough. This is a perfect time to kill 2 birds with 1 stone! Take the kids outside. You can play tag, racing (kids are not very fast, and besides, you're just trying to get the blood pumping), and/or walk while they ride their bike, scooter, etc,.You can also do exercises WITH your kids, for example, jumping jacks, lunges, mountain climbers, suicides (short sprints that turn into longer sprints).

Is it too cold outside to play with the kids? Dance! Have a dance off with the kid(s) and let the kids pick the songs. They usually pick up beat songs that will keep you moving. Be goofy, you're with kids, it doesn't matter!! I had a 20 minute dance-off with my niece and nephew and their smiles alone kept me dancing!

Maybe your kids are not the active type, that's okay too. While the kids read, draw, write or play with their toys, you can follow an exercise routine from any electronic device. There are tons of exercises available online, for example, Foundation Training by Dr. Eric Goodman. Many people I know have used his training. A lot of runners like myself. As always, seek your doctor's approval before trying any new exercise routines.

Remember kids LOVE when an adult plays any kind of physical activity. Kids are great tools to use to your own benefit. They ALWAYS have tons of energy.

Yes, yes I can and do!
Yes, yes I can and do!

I work too many hours!

What you do for a living makes a world of a difference in your dedication to yourself. Exercising is a true dedication to yourself. You have to want to make a difference in your body and I'm not talking about creating a body-building body or looking like a supermodel. Remember, you are targeting the quantity of your daily physical movement.

Lunch breaks are the best time for yourself. Instead of eating in the lunch room, go outside, go for a walk. Is it too cold? Walk inside the building where you work. Use your lunch time just for lunch/yourself. Remember, if you don't make time for yourself, no one else will.

Try to walk around your neighborhood as soon as you get home. Don't even bother going inside, keep sneakers in the car and walk! Use any app on your phone to help you track your distance and time.

Stay active as much as you can. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the store, walk 20 - 30 minutes. You don't need to spend tons of money on a gym, use your surroundings and environment.



We don't drink enough water. My husband says he drinks water all day, but in reality he fills glasses of water all day and leaves them around the house. Choose a cup and only fill that one cup to ensure you are drinking enough water. According to a Mayo Clinic article, "... (AI) for men is roughly about 13 cups (3 liters) of total beverages a day. The AI for women is about 9 cups (2.2 liters) of total beverages a day."

What now?

Are you likely to make time for yourself?

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