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Why is weightlifting great for your health?

Updated on December 18, 2016

Who doesn't love to have a muscular or toned down body that creates envy among others? Well, getting those muscles may not be the easiest thing to do, but a bit of weightlifting definitely helps a lot. That being said, there are other advantages of lifting weights as well:

Fights Fat

Type II muscle fibers fight body fat and these types of muscles are gained when you lift weights. These muscles actually increase your overall body metabolism and thereby help you lose fat. This has been proven through several researches as well.

Tackles Depression

Well, the role of aerobic exercises like running or jogging was well known against depression, however, weightlifting has a role to play on this front as well. Regular weight lifts help you to reduce the symptoms of depression.

How Lifting Light Weights Can Build Muscle?

Prevents Osteoporosis

We lose our bone mass over time as we age. Similarly with growing age, your body muscles are lost as well. As you lift weights, your muscles and bones get stressed. Whenever these are stressed, these start to receive more mass.

Helps Prevent Diabetes

With more than a billion suffering from Diabetes throughout the world, it is definitely becoming one of the most dreaded diseases. Did you know that weightlifting can help you prevent diabetes as well? According to researches, a total of 150 minutes of weightlifting in every week slashes the chances of getting diabetes by 34%. Strength training usually causes growth to the white muscles and these, in turn, use glucose for sustainability. As a result, the blood sugar level in your body is kept in check.

Blood Pressure is controlled

With a regular schedule of weight training, the blood flow to human heart is enhanced. Apart from that, weight lifting helps to reduce blood pressure by almost 20%, as far as some of the scientific researchers are concerned. This is actually almost at par with some of the best blood pressure regulating medicines available in the market.

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Prevents Back Pain

Back pain is becoming more of a common phenomenon these days. Especially for people working in the office, this is a huge problem. They sit at their desk chairs thereby causing damage to the core back muscles. Strength training actually helps you to make the core muscles stronger and thereby undo some of the damages caused by continuous sitting. Resistance trainings like step-up or hip extensions really work well in this regard. It's better to start with your body weight in the beginning and then you can add some more weight as well.

Improves Body Balance

There are stabilizer muscles present in human body that help you to balance better. With strength training, you build these muscles as well and hence, you get a better body balance. This is particularly helpful for older people as they tend to lose that over time.

Well, as you may have seen already, weightlifting has its own sets of pros, other than the obvious that you will get all the muscles you want. So, what are you waiting for? If you are not doing it already, add some strength based trainings to your workout schedule right away.


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