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Why sugar might be your worst enemy

Updated on July 11, 2016
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Brandi has been a stay at home mom for eleven years. She has a love for Thriller and mystery books, and just finished "All the Lost Souls"

Now don't get me wrong I LOVE sugar but sugar doesn't necessarily love me back. With all of the processed foods and ready made things now we are quick to grab something and go. The problem with that is it's loaded with sugar. We are eating 3x's the amount of sugar we should be eating in one day! So while issues are popping up in our every day lives like stomach fat and sleepless nights we refuse to believe that our sugar intake has anything to do with it. The thing is, you are what you eat. Everything that you put in your mouth is what your body is made up of. So if you are sitting there eating sugary treats all day and upset because you don't have any energy and are tired all of the time, this could be your problem. Think of sugar as an empty calorie. While it makes things taste wonderful it does nothing for you. It hypes up your energy level and then crashes when your body has ran through it. Your body needs things that it can slowly digest like natural sugars that are contained in fruits. This is digested slower and allows your body to make energy from the food.

Just the facts!

In today's world it is really easy to overdo sugar. If you are a person who loves their soda's with just one you are over your daily allotment of sugar! The reason why these drinks are so thick and delicious is because they are packed with sugar. Not only do you become dependent on that wonderful caffeine but the sugar that is in these drinks makes you crave sugary items. All of this sugar increases your chances of getting type 2 Diabetes by 26% if you are drinking soda everyday.

Did you know that sucrose can damage your liver? Who knew right? While it is ok to get sucrose from fruit (because it's natural) it is not ok to eat a bunch of sugar because your liver is having to work overtime to process it. When it is in a processed form all of it's nutrients and fiber has been stripped from what it naturally grew. So the company that is processing it turns something that could be potentially healthy and turns it into something that is useless as far as nutrition is concerned. Also and I don't want to scare you but sugar is more addictive than cocaine! So let's consider this for a minute. From the time that we were little people have been giving us these sweets and telling us they are a treat. This has basically trained our brain to say that if we can get a hold of some sugar we are doing good. Our addiction to sugar starts from when we are little. From there we crave it and have to have it. People are sitting down each night after their dinner and snacking on sweets, ice cream, cookies, pies and chocolate bars. W can't finish dinner and go to bed without dessert right! This is horrible for you unless you are doing it 4 hours before bed so that your body has time to digest it. Let's be honest that probably isn't happening.

So now that you have eaten all of these wonderful sugars right before bed what do you do? Well you go to bed of course. You are not working these sugars off so they are going straight to your gut and sitting there. You have created your own nightmare and you don't know how to get out of it or stop doing it because you are addicted and it is in your schedule of things to do. I can't blame you for this I do the same thing. However, you can change it by eating something sweet that comes from natural sugars like smoothies. I push smoothies all the time. It helped me kick my sugar habit by feeding that habit but only doing it with natural sugars instead of added sugars.

Banana smoothie (my favorite)
Banana smoothie (my favorite) | Source
Berry Smoothie
Berry Smoothie | Source

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Don't forget about your kids!

So now that we have covered you...the adult. Let's talk about your kids. Kids process these sugars the same way we do and that is very poorly. So if your child is eating an excess amount of sugar and is someone who is cranky, filled with energy, bounces off the walls, can't concentrate on things and doesn't have any down moments they may be getting way to much sugar. I know because I did it too. One of my girls is easily affected by sugar. I kept getting notes from school saying she wasn't behaving after lunch time. She couldn't focus on what the teacher was doing in the classroom. So I stepped back and took a closer look at things. It was happening at school where she was expected to sit still and for breakfast she was eating cereal that had 10 grams of sugar in it. Then for snack she had peanut butter and jelly crackers, which was another 7 grams of sugar. For lunch peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a juice box adding another 19 grams of sugar. Then what ever she ate for dessert that night. Well just during the day from the time that she got up to the time that she got out of school she had eaten 36 grams of sugar...which by the way is more than an adult male should eat!

So what changed? First of all I took this in my own hands and I didn't go to the doctor. I held my own little science experiment. For breakfast she now eats and egg and a slice of bacon with some orange slices. Because she is getting natural sugars it doesn't count on the added sugar scale. For lunch she still had her peanut butter and jelly but now I bought the no sugar added jelly. Because of the peanut butter she got 6 grams of sugar. And her drink went from a juice box to a water. For snack time she got a bag of red grapes. So from the time that she got up to the time she got out of school she was getting 6 grams of sugar. Her teacher said it was like having a different child in class and her grade improved also!

It really is amazing the little changes you can make at home that could make all of the difference when you are out in public. As a side note she is also having less nightmares and sleeping better at night!

Extra notes:

Also while we are on this sugary topic, it is really important to remember that our body processes natural sugars so much better than things that are man made. If you want something sweet use honey or natural sugar. Please stay away form those alternative sugars they make the cravings worse and stay in your gut! Alternative sugars are made in a lab and no food you eat should be made in a lab.

So don't forget to reach for a bowl of fruit instead of that ice cream. While there are a number of things you can do to avoid sugars I just think you need to redirect yourself to grab natural sugars. No need to trick your body into thinking your not eating sugar or going through a withdrawal when you can still eat sugars...just healthy ones.


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