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Why you should cycle your PAGG stack supplement

Updated on April 23, 2012

The PAGG stack supplement, consisting of policosanol, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea flavanols and aged garlic extract, is design to act thermogenically on the food that we eat. This powerful and effective cocktail of natural food substances, refined over 10 years by Tim Ferriss (as detailed in the Four Hour Body book), is referred to as the ‘four horsemen’ of fat loss. Taken in capsule form before each meal, and additionally at bed time when most cholesterol synthesis takes place, the dramatic effects of PAGG on body recomposition are becoming more and more widely documented worldwide.

However, Tim Ferriss and responsible manufacturers of the PAGG stack recommend that instead of taking it steadily before every meal, you cycle your supplement intake systematically – having a PAGG–free day every week, and a clear week free every month. As all the substances are natural (and tested and proven quite harmless in far greater quantities), what is the reason for this cyclical approach?

It’s all about achieving maximum impact and results. Just as the Slow Carb Diet proposes having a ‘cheat day’ once a week where you spike your carb intake big-time, you need to reset your body’s reaction to your supplements to maintain them at maximum effectiveness. Remember, cheat day is not just about giving in to those cravings once a week and keeping you compliant with the weight loss program (although that is a great behavioural side benefit of course). It’s also about flooding your system with glucose periodically, reminding your cells that you are not in any kind of scarcity situation, and that the fat burning can safely continue with abandon.

With supplements it works in the same way. The cellular receptors that are impacted by, say, the antioxidants in alpha-lipoic acid get attenuated, and react less and less, if the antioxidants are present for the metabolism of every meal. They literally become less effective, because they are constantly flooded with input, at which point they can no longer react. Take a day’s break however, and the effects of resuming your PAGG stack supplement are enhanced. Take your monthly break, and the effects will definitely be noticeable on your fat loss as soon as you resume.

Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG stack supplement is supplied in exactly the right quantities for you to do this, without having to count or work out when your monthly break is due. Plan your day off for a fixed day each week (avoiding your regular cheat day), and then just wait a week at the end of the bottle before opening the next one. Supplement cycling makes sense, and if you purchase from a manufacturer who understands this you are maximizing your chances of swift success


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