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Why to Buy Alli Online At Amazon

Updated on October 30, 2012

Awhile back I wrote a hub about where to buy Alli online at the lowest cost. I included several different online sources that I was aware of for purchasing Alli online. Since the time that the article was written, I’ve had quite a few people email me to let me know that the place that they prefer to buy Alli online is through I got really curious as to why this was and started doing my own unofficial research into it by asking the people who had emailed me what the reason was that they choose to buy Alli online through Amazon rather than using another online source or buying Alli locally in their own drug store. Based on what they said, here are the reasons that you might want to buy Alli online at Amazon:

Amazon is one of the cheapest places to buy Alli online. There are other places that offer better prices. (For example, someone has said that Sam’s Club offers the best prices on Alli which I haven’t confirmed but I do know that they offer good prices on all types of medications and supplements.) However, if you’re looking at online prices for Alli consistently across a long period of time then you’ll find that Amazon prices tend to remain among the lowest prices for Alli. In this economy we certainly all need to consider cost when buying products that we want but don’t necessarily “need”.

• It’s easy to find Amazon coupon codes. Not only are the prices for Alli good on Amazon but Amazon is a site that frequently offers coupon codes which can further decrease the cost of any order that you place on the site. Search through coupon code offers for free shipping and percentage off discounts when buying Alli through Amazon and you’ll probably end up getting a really good deal on this product.

• There is some level of privacy for you when you order Alli through Amazon. People who buy Alli through Amazon instead of buying it locally often report that it’s because they’re a little bit embarrassed about buying a weight loss product. When you buy Alli online, it comes to you discretely so nobody knows what it was that you purchased. People buy a lot of items online for this reason. There’s no reason to be embarrassed about your desire to buy Alli but if you do want to keep the purchase private then buying through an online source like Amazon can make that possible for.

• Amazon is a familiar site. Many people choose to buy their Alli online from Amazon instead of buying it through another online source because they are familiar with Amazon. They have purchased other types of items from Amazon. They feel comfortable because they know for sure that this is a legitimate site that is going to send them the Alli that they have ordered. They also feel comfortable because they know the ordering process at Amazon. The familiarity makes them likely to buy their Alli here because it feels more comfortable and more secure than making a purchase at a site which is new to them.

• You may already be ordering other things through Amazon. People who shop at Amazon frequently may simply add Alli to their shopping lists (or Amazon wish lists or hold-for-later carts) while doing their other Amazon shopping. If you are someone who uses the site regularly then it may be really convenient for you to make the purchase of Alli through this site while you’re buying other things there.

• Amazon offers starter packs as well as refill kits. People can buy Alli from Amazon whether it’s their first time buying the product or it’s a product that they have bought many times. That’s because there are many different amounts of Alli that are offered through the site and you can get starter kit information or simply get refills as needed. This is true of a lot of other online and local places where Alli is sold but it’s not true of all of them so that makes Amazon a good choice compared to some places.

• You can buy Alli-related products at the same time. There are a lot of books and DVDs that people use to supplement their understanding of how to use Alli. These items aren’t always sold through other online outlets or local drugstores. Amazon sells so many different types of items that you’ll find it easy to purchase these related Alli items that you may want to get the full Alli weight loss experience.

• You can do some easy comparison shopping. Alli is a great product but it’s not the only product out there. Amazon is great because it gives you so much user information about this product as well as similar products. You can use Listmania, user reviews and general browsing on the site to get information about products that are similar to Alli which may interest you and be something that you want to try. Comparison shopping is always good.

I’m not necessarily saying that Amazon is the best place to purchase Alli. I’m certainly not saying that it’s the only place. But from what shoppers have told me it seems like there are a lot of really good reasons to buy Alli online from Amazon as compared to buying it through other sources. It’s definitely worth looking into anyway if this is a product that you’re planning on purchasing.


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  • Nan Mynatt profile image

    Nan Mynatt 8 years ago from Illinois

    I think that if you really want to lose weight, you have to exercise. GREAT ARTICLE. COUNT YOUR CALORIES, PLAN A DIET FOR A WHOLE WEEK! Cut out the salt.

  • Vizey profile image

    Vizey 8 years ago

    Nice hub and great information. Now it become easy for people to find Alli. Thanks for sharing this information.