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Why you need to keep Fat in your diet!

Updated on July 8, 2016
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Brandi has been a stay at home mom for eleven years. She has a love for Thriller and mystery books, and just finished "All the Lost Souls"

Fat for your Brain

For a long time now people have been telling others that a low fat diet is the way to go if you want to loose weight. There is one MAJOR problem with that though because your brain thrives on fat! You brain is made up of 60% fat and if you start cutting that from your diet your body literally pulls it from your brain. It is so important to keep fat in your diet but just do it in a healthy way. Eat natural fats that are easy to digest. I love bacon for this reason, I mean how amazing is this food, not only does it taste amazing but it sheds it's fat for you to collect. And oh boy do I collect it! As of this moment I have a tub of bacon grease in my fridge. I cook with it because although you don't need to be eating a lot of grease and fat it is ok to have some and even healthy for your brain. So just take 1 tsp to 1 tbl and cook your potatoes or other veggies you fry on the stove and enjoy. This is one fat you don't need to be feeling guilty over.

I want you to start thinking about what you put in your mouth. Not to loose weight but to be healthy! If you are only eating what comes from the earth your body is going to start making changes on its own and you will love those changes. Eat your produce fresh from the store, fruit and veggies are just outstanding for your body and healthy meats that have not been fed antibiotics and heavily processed can do nothing but good for you. I am begging you to keep fat in your diet. It is healthy for your brain and why wouldn't you be excited to eat fat.

The problem with most diets is that they tell you that you can't eat certain things. I am telling you to eat everything! I want you to be full at the end of the day and not wanting junk food. Eat as many fruits, vegetables and meats as you want. It is time to start cutting back on the sugar and breads though. The only reason I mention the breads is because of what the companies do to our flour. It is bleached and processed and while I love to bake I know that when I eat these things I don't really feel that good afterword. Start paying attention to what your food is telling you. How do you feel afterword?

Also while I am telling you not to cut fat out of your diet I still want you to be smart about it and anything that is dripping with fat probably isn't a good choice. Try to eat cheese, not processed cheese but real cheese from the deli. This has healthy fat in it and so does the meat that we eat. Start enjoying your food and while you are trying out that wonderful new diet that is going to make you look great don't forget the seasonings! For some reason everyone thinks that if it is good for you it has to taste like cardboard. I am here to tell you that it doesn't and seasonings are actually very good for you. So stop starving your brain of the fats it is begging you for and eat them the natural way.


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