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Wii Keeps Senior Mom Going Strong

Updated on June 9, 2011
Wii technology has made it possible for Mom to bowl again.
Wii technology has made it possible for Mom to bowl again.

82 Years Young And Rolling With The Fitness Flow

She steps up to the line with her secret approach ready to be revealed. Remote in hand and wrist band tightly secured, she takes her stance. With a consideration for the player in the adjoining lane she waits to make her move. Now is her chance. She directs all of her concentration to the subject at hand.

She pushes the "B" button and pushes the upheld remote out, down and back, now swinging her arm forward to release the imaginary ball. She remembers to let go of the "B" button a bit late this turn. There it goes, with a slight hop, because of a jerky release. It does not matter that the ball is rolling slow. The ten pins sit motionless then the crash and fall, almost in slow motion, 8, 9, maybe , yes maybe, the tenth pin teeters and falls.

STRICK, the third one in a row gives her a TURKEY for her play. Excitement fills her eyes and she makes sure to let me know she is kicking my butt from the get go as she finds a place to sit down and eagerly await her next frame. Mom is rolling with the flow.

She is astonished with this technological invention. Just like the real game except she does not have to leave the house or try to pick up that 13lb bowling ball that has her name engraved on it. She has not bowled on a real lane in about five years. Funny thing, she was kicking my butt on the real lanes not that long ago.

The exercise from playing Wii is so good for Mom and learning something new keeps her mentally active. She says she would rather bowl than watch Law And Order.
The exercise from playing Wii is so good for Mom and learning something new keeps her mentally active. She says she would rather bowl than watch Law And Order.

Little Sister Got Her Playing Video Games

Mom likes to hop on a plane come cold, nasty weather and high tail her self out to stay with my youngest sister in Las Vegas. Mom always did love to go and have fun and participate in whatever activities were all the rage. I remember getting a Hoola-Hoop back in the late 50's. I was not in school yet and the Hoola-Hoop was much too big for me to operate. That toy took several years before I could keep it turning, I was sort of a runt and needed to do some growing before I could master the hoop. Mom, on the other hand, could make that Hoola-Hoop rock and roll.

Time has a way of robbing our spiritual housing of actions and movements that are taken for granted in our youth. Mom gave up her 13lb bowling ball for a 10lb house ball probably 25 years ago. The last time we went bowling she tried an 8lb ball and then announced she was getting to old for the sport. That made the Wii Bowling Game A SMASH HIT when Mom figuered out it was something she could play.

Out In Las Vegas

Mom also enjoys the video poker games but they go pretty fast. It is always best when somebody sits with her while she plays. Her last night, out on the town with my sister, she took the casino for a whopping Grand. I am sure it made the plane ride back to Chicago a more enjoyable ride with all that cash in her purse. So the sister got her playing these high tech games and she is begging for more.

And TV always makes you look ten years younger!
And TV always makes you look ten years younger!

Wii For Senior Exercise Is The Best

My Mother is not your average 82 year old woman. She still drives her car. Yes it freaks me out but I am not taking the keys just yet. She has learned to stay off ladders but keeps asking for us to take her water skiing. That is a laugh. I think she comes up with that one just to bend my brain. She loves Wii but did not like it when I knocked her out in the one and only boxing match!

Hey, I had to do something to get even for being wiped all over the bowling alley floor by her. Come on now, she doesn't give me any slack. She does however, suggest that I would throw more strikes if I would hold my wrist straight.

Her newest adventure for fitness..... She is taking up GOLF.

She said she knows the game from watching Tiger.


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    • cutepuppypicture profile image

      cutepuppypicture 8 years ago

      Happy mother's day to all the proud mothers. The magical experienced becoming a mother is an experience no one can ever experienced it. Which is the moment our baby is born into the world and we, as mothers looking at his or her tiny fingers, feet, eyes, nose, mouth and the small naked body. This is what we call TRUE LOVE that never never ever dies. Again, to all the mothers... HAPPY CELEBRATING MOTHER'S DAY. You earn it !

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana


      Our Mom's are from a mighty generation of woman, we are lucky to have them. Regards.

    • Smireles profile image

      Sandra Mireles 8 years ago from Texas

      My mother is 78 and suffering from colon ca. She is still active and is very blessed to be able to run up and down stairs all day in spite of going through chemotherapy treatments. Two years ago before she was diagnosed she was seriously contemplating sky diving with my nephew who was in the military and a paratrooper! Thank God she never got the chance for that one! Excellent article.

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana


      Mom needs somebody to put a nail in her tail from time to time. She loves the Golf and does pretty good. Her score is much better than you would think. It is actually fun to watch her. She played a 3 hole game and was ready to go the 9 after that.


      You bet I am proud of Mom. She is a very strong spirited woman with a heart of gold. Thanks for the bookmarks.

      hot dorkage....

      funny thing we got the Wii game the night before the big flood wiped out half of what we owned. Bought it because we were having a party. We never played it though it did get hooked up to the TV. The next morning the water came and we lost all of the controls and some other stuff to the game. It cost a good bit to replace and we decided to do that when Mom came back from her winter trip to Vegas. I too love the outdoors but Mom has too much trouble with the damp air, heat, cold...the game is great for her in a controlled environment.

      Thank everyone for commenting. Happy Spring!

    • hot dorkage profile image

      hot dorkage 8 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Yeah I've been hearing that Wii is catching on bigtime among the senior set. The real world is good enough for me at this point, I love being outdoors but at some point we'll probably invest in one.

    • sisterkate profile image

      sisterkate 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Good for her! You must be proud of her.

      As usual, I social-bookmarked this Hub so others will find it.

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 8 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      How wonderful your mother wants to stay active and that she finds ways to do so even if she can't lift that 13-lb ball any more.  Video golf isn't as easy as it looks, but somehow I think your mom will master it in no time!