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Wii Fit Benefits

Updated on September 14, 2011

While the Nintendo Wii fit has been available for a sometime you might be asking if it will really work out and fit your families needs. However, many gyms that have the Wii fit use it as a  stretching machine. I know that you can eaasily use the Wii Fit as a wonderful stretching machine. The Wii fit is also excellent for providing you with some winter fitness option that you would normally lack because you are not able to get out in your garden or jog outside as often. Now I know that if you have a gym membership that the winter months will not really affect you unless you get snowed in. However, the Wii Fit is great for solving that problem unless you lose electric, but even then if you compare the cost of your gym membership to that of the Wii and Wii Fit and add them up you will probably find the Wii fit will save you some money. I know that from using the Wii fit many benefits can be found and I thought I would share some of the positives that I have found here.


The first exciting benefit that I have discovered from using the Wii fit  is that you are able to do a wide variety of exercises. Some people will enjoy exercising and they at they can easily think of it more like a video game than exercising because it is that enjoyable.  While some people will consider it more of playing a video game and not think of it as exercising even though you are exercising. You have probably seen the television commercials that properly state that exercise was once considered playing. Well that is what the Wii fit will allow you to return to making your exercise into playing. I know that when I was younger all that I every did for exercise was play outside for the day from the time I woke up until the time that I went to bed. Now if you want to talk about some great exercise that was some of the best exercise I ever got. I know that I really hated it when I was not able to go outside and play because of the weather changing to rain, or to cold to play outside, but then I had to come up with more games to play indoors that would still allow me to get my exercise, but with the Wii Fit I do not need to do that anymore. 


The second plus is the Wii fit allows for easy adjustment to the workout program to fit your needs. That is a nice feature because if you want to only work on one muscle group you can do that and be able to work that muscle group out without having to be told you are hogging the machine that does that group. Not only that the exercise programs that they have programed in will allow you to find other exercises that you might not have thought about doing before for that muscle group you are working on.


The third great wonderful idea that will make the Wii fit even better for many people is that the Wii Fit will teach youn Yoga. Now some people will think that Yoga is not for them because of the size of their body or the bone structure they have, but that is not true. Yoga is a great exercise that can help you increase your flexability, and in some cases help stregthen your core muscles. 


While some people will still question if the Wii fit will provide them with a great exercise program I know that with the availability to customize the exercises to your needs that it is excellent at providing exercise. Some people will probably still question if the Wii fit will provide them with a fun time while having a work out, but I know that it is fun and if you are to shy to work out in a gym or cannot afford a gym membership then the Wii Fit will be for you.

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