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Wilkes-Barre, PA: A Small City in PA and the Health Care the runs it

Updated on October 17, 2016

The concerns with health care.

Most people in the United States could not point Wilkes / Barre, PA. on the map. It is a small city In North Eastern PA (NEPA to the locals). It is a pleasant city from the business growing slowly and the inner city rapidly growing. The homeless and mixed with poor, and criminal in most but we must not forget those with Mental Health.

From the point of view from someone coming into the area, the assistance on paper appears to be a well thought out program. Look into the glass a little closer and you will find some fundamental issues that simply breaks down.

Mental Health the one group with the softest voices, yet has the loudest results. Not all Mental Health is because of issues with the brain, some are the memories and visions of past related trauma. Different hospitals deal with these issues in many ways. State backed, for- profits are often the ones who often to do not deal with the issues: they show how to move on; yet the trauma lingers on.

Today you will learn some truths on this local system. Many of these systems in place are well below government standards and need to be brought up if we are going fix some of the issues.

First and foremost let’s start with the basics. I remember from one of my first visits to a doctor, I could not understand why my medications were instantly cut. I have chronic pain, chronic migraines, back and spine problems, muscle spasms, and the slow degeneration. I quickly had been referred to pain specialist. Both made a subtle comment and brought up Medicaid telling pain specialist to limit pain killer and anxiety meds to those with cancer.

This was backed up in a doctor’s appointment at a residency program when the Doctor overseeing the residents explained to me that the human body does not need anti-anxiety or pain killer. This has been debated and debated. Other patients with different coverage or self-pay seem to have a much easier time. It also showed me I have many questions about this company yet to ask.

Please keep watching for the next section on 7General. All of these series will point out the problems and look for some of the answers that hopefully help the patients, communities, and even lower costs which will help the tax payers.

Kristin Blizzard

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