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Winds a 'blowin

Updated on February 25, 2011
Here today; gone to Maui
Here today; gone to Maui

Thoughts and Schemes

 I have been away from my blog for seversl days; thank MS. I was very tired and felt I did not have the gumption to get out of bed, let alone fire up my Dell...I hate to try to instruct when my mind is dead and the point of this writing is Instruction.

Today is a day of realization for me, for anyone listening. My role is that of a physician, Boarded and Fellowed, who has taken care of many others with MS and who has seen the inability of most of my medical colleagues, intelligent and well-meaning as they are, to approach this scary Thing which is MS.

I have lived with the disease 'officially' since the diagnosis was made in late 2004 and since my retirement in early 2007 . I read Medicine still and tutor at all levels but I think my future lies in providing help to the many who are affected  and depressed or dispairing with a condition I believe is understandable and manageable and curable, now, with what we know and with fairly simple, inexpensive things any one can do.

As an Allopath (MD), my training centered on understanding the process of disease and thereby seeing the way for treatment and possible cure. My original path was that of a surgeon, very hard-nosed. 'Nothing heals like cold, blue Steel.'  When I realized that path was not mine, I entered Emergency Medicine, also a realistic and serious topic of study but interfacing closely with Internal Medicine, Psychiatry and various Alternative medical paths. I have been directing much of my own reading toward treatment of MS with methods and medicines outside of the mainstream I grew up with.

Anyone who has read my previous blogs will know that 1) they are not over-long, 2) I repeat myself frequently, 3) I believe this condition is manageable and curable. There are many themes I will approach from my personal Bully Pulpit: where to read about cure and life style changes, dietary innovations, my own experiences with and thoughts about Travel with MS, backpacking/camping with MS, living an un-crippled life with MS.

I am on IV Tysabri, Natalizumab, a monoclonal antibody which affects the entrance ports on the Blood-Brain Barrier for the T-cells which attack myelin on long white cell tracts. More later, I'm sure. I use baclofen for restless legs at night. I am on small doses of sertraline to help control obsessive-compulsive thinking. I use armodafinil, a selective dopamine reuptake antagonist to allow stimulative neurotransmitters to accumulate; I force my brain to make nothing, I simply prevent the too-fast recycling of what the brain has already made. More on this one later too.

I hope the blog gives some hope to others with MS. If nothing else, it is therapy for me.


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