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Women Empowering themselves.

Updated on September 4, 2016

Caring for your inner peace


Today, this woman decided to trust herself.

Today; a different woman is free and ready to face challenges and reach the goals she needs for pure satisfaction.

Today you have enough picking up after others, being ignored and letting harsh criticisms run over you. Today you are determined to discover that there is beauty, strength, dignity and determination in you. Today you are a woman who will not be scared of anything, because you do not want to be paralyzed. The world is only for you because you say so; a new perception of your reality and your role in your world will make you free. It is time to do for you without hurrying; forget about what others want you to be responsible for. Go directly to the mirror, caress your face, look at your eyes.apply your makeup adding some color here and there. Take your time... be yourself,,,fly away and enjoy your journey.

Empower yourself and embrace your body, mind and environment around you. Acknowledge you unique self a face the world. You are now a leader and not a follower. Do not look back. Stand up and start being mindful. Your inside world will be seen by you, while creating your own external world. Lets be a warrior together

No more rules or ridiculous stereotypes can stop you to see the real you and dance on the streets. You are nobody's woman, you own yourself. You will love yourself as no one has been able to do. It is time for you to love your own way whenever you want. Today you will be the woman only you want to be…NO MORE RULES. Today you dare to dream anything you want. The fear will not bother you because you have left it behind. You start realizing that you are unique and special. Today you will discover that the earth is part of your skin and the universe moves with you. Today you will look forward, never back. You know that nobody can make you suffer; you have discovered the power in you to fight back.

© 2012 B. Garcia
© 2012 B. Garcia
© 2012 B. Garcia
© 2012 B. Garcia

Listen to some music while dressing up. Open the window and look outside while inviting nature to touch your heart. Take that new breeze the world is giving you and let it play with your hair. This time you are dressing up for you and no other. Today you love your smile while discovering that you have already cried enough. You know that you can conquer the sky. You will be able to laugh no matter how cold the winter is, and cool during those hot summers.

Today is the day to comprehend that sadness and loneliness cannot be permitted in your life. Nobody can hurt you because you are too powerful. Your walk will be strong, as long as you believe in yourself. You do not serve anybody, because you are in control.

Today you are the woman you want to be; no limits. You can kill the fear by slamming the door after you. Today you know your life will not be a failure just because you feel the best; you are dressed the way you want; you know what you want; you feel beautiful and powerful.

Forget the tears, live your life and expect nothing. Live every minute is given to you. This day is only for you; a walk in the forest with the sound of nature around you. Only you and your soul, which is the only one that will never leave you alone. Tomorrow is another day that can be molded the way you wish.

Please, do not forget how awesome you are and capable of changing the world. Only when you love and care for yourself you are ready to open doors and share with others. Remember who you are and be free. You deserve the best...we all do.

© 2012 B. Garcia
© 2012 B. Garcia

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