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How men should deal with women insecure about their weight

Updated on January 1, 2013

insecure about weight

insecure about weight
insecure about weight

We don't like feeling un-attractive

Guys always complain about women who are insecure about weight. They think that all you want to do is complain and wonder why you don't just do some sit-ups and stop eating so much.

It's not that we enjoy complaining or that we're too lazy to exercise to lose weight, we just need support and motivation. We haven't been holding on to those size 7 jeans for 8 years to make the closet look full!

We go through the whole child birth experience and sometimes look super cute being pregnant and other times have 4 months left to go and everyone is asking "when will your twins be born?" Hence sending us home to cry and eat a half a box ice cream loaded with chocolate syrup... Delivery day finally comes and we get to hold that beautiful baby and kiss it and then after we're re-composed the first thing we want to do is step on a scale to see how much much weight we have lost. We're so excited because this baby made us gain 28 lbs and now it's out and we step on the scale and........"OMG, this scale must be off, I've only lost 11 lbs? There's no way! I had to lose weight" We go back to our hospital room and listen to all these idiots coming in for the next two days telling us how good we look and we wanna scream, "Get outta my room, when you saw me yesterday I weighed 11 more lbs than right now, but when you saw me 9 months ago I weighed 17 lbs less than right now!" ......We go home and spend the next 6 weeks exhausted adjusting to our new life and buy all convenience foods because we don't have the time to cook a real dinner because 'the baby might wake up' or 'the baby has to eat and it takes too long' or 'the baby wants to be held' or 'I gotta clean the baby's crib because she threw up everywhere.' Of course none of this makes us love our baby any less, but theres no time to lose weight. We feel secure when we hold our baby and look into her eyes and take in what a wonderful miracle we've made.......Now it's time go back to work and we're not with our baby all the time anymore. Our baby is growing up on us and before we know it it's a year later and we've still got 15 of those 17 lbs we gained and didn't lose. We're now at the point where someone can't tell us , " Don't worry about it, you'll lose weight, you just had a baby," and we get any comfort out of it. What we needed was someone to support us as soon as we had the baby and go to the gym with us or walk around the park 3 times with us. We needed someone to tell us how beautiful we are so we don't feel insecure about weight. We needed someone with some motivation to go on a diet with us and make it a weight loss competition.... Too late for all of that, here we are 8 years later with our 15 lbs that a Priest couldn't Exorcise away. We desperately want to lose weight and be skinny again, we don't like this low self-esteem that we are becoming so accustomed to and we're tired of saying "my baby made me fat." What we need now is our loved ones to be there for us. Encourage us by eating healthy with us ( you can eat 3 Big Macs when we're not around) , go walking with us ( we love spending time with you anyway), give us compliments on daily basis (we've been depressed, and insecure for so long that we don't know we're beautiful.) In short we need you to not makes us feel insecure about weight..


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