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Healthy Living for Women's Fertility

Updated on October 13, 2014

Healthy Start For Your Baby & You

Weight Reduction

Excess weight puts a lot of stress on your body and if you want to get pregnant it’s a good idea to try and reduce your overall weight. If you have a healthy weight it’s going to be easier to conceive a child. If your overweight and want a baby, the best thing you can do right now is work on reducing your overall weight. If you have a large body mass it can be up to two times as hard to get pregnant.

Reduce Drinking

Alcohol is another key factor in the ability to give birth. If you wish to get pregnant you need to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume. Swedish researchers have found that two alcoholic drinks per day can reduce fertility rates by as much as 60%. Other beverage you need to reduce in the diet for a better chance at a successful pregnancy include coffee. It’s ideal to stay under 200 milligrams of caffeine per day if you wish to conceive. Water should be your main beverage of choice if you’re looking to get pregnant.

Reduce Processed Food

A diet high in processed food will make it difficult to get pregnant. You want a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. A diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other healthy foods will naturally increase the chances that you get pregnant and provide your body the nutrition that it needs for pregnancy. Make sure your diet is high in whole foods and that you reduce the amount of fat, salt and additives in the diet. You need good protein, vitamin C, zinc, and iron if you wish to get pregnant. A good supplement rich in vitamins and minerals will help you get everything you need when you aren’t eating as well as you should.


Always Be As Healthy As Possible

Stop Smoking

If you want to get pregnant you will want to stop smoking. The uterus is less receptive to the egg if you smoke and is you smoke while pregnant you could have a miscarriage or otherwise damage the baby. Smoking overall is harmful to you and it makes sense to stop if you wish to have a healthy baby.

Reduce Stress

You want to reduce the amount of stress son your body if you want to get pregnant and have a child. You should ensure that you take good care of yourself and that you get enough sleep. If you’re stressed this can throw off the hormones of your body so stress reduction can help you get your body back into balance and increase your overall fertility.

Frequent Sex

If you wish to have a child then frequent sex is going to help. This can help you have enter menstrual cycles and ovulation which increases the chances that you’ll get pregnant. Make sure you pay attention to your own cycle to determine the best time to have sex. If you don’t know this, you can talk to your doctor about it. Sex every 36 to 48 hours in the few days before ovulation is going to increase the chances that you get pregnant.

A good healthy lifestyle will increase the chances that you can have a child. It’s also important to talk to your doctor if you’re having difficulties getting pregnant or have any concerns. The healthier you are the easier it will be for you to have a child, look after your body, and you’ll soon find yourself a new mother.

Time To Change Your Diet

For many, the idea of cutting out all meat products is like a scene out a horror story … eek, eek, eek! However, there are times when you have to change your diet. Sometimes because you’re overweight and want to cut down, other times a diet change becomes necessary due to medical reasons reasons.

Why Would I Want To Become A Vegetarian?

  1. Reduce Your Fat Consumption

Most meat is loaded with fat, specifically saturated fat. By reducing your meat consumption, or cutting it out completely, you will be reducing how many “bad” fats you are putting into your body. Additionally, by cutting down your “bad” fat consumption, you reduce your risk for heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and even cancer. If your family tends to suffer from any of the above diseases, becoming a vegetarian should become a priority for you.

  1. Makes Losing Weight Easier

When it comes to losing weight, meat is loaded with calories and fat. Consider for a moment that most Ribeye steaks have more than 350+ calories per 4oz serving. Those are a lot of calories! Don’t get me wrong; you can still have a hard time losing weight if you stuff yourself with French-fries and regular soda.

  1. Better Nutrition And Health

You might notice a recurring theme when changing to a vegetarian diet; your nutrition and health will both benefit greatly from switching off of meats and any time you start feeding your body better foods, it will responds accordingly. Most vegetarians have more energy, more stamina as well as have better brain function and thinking. This is because meat really only packs two primary nutrients … protein and fat, whereas a vegetarian diet is packed full of vitamins, minerals, good fats and more.

MomHead- Once You're a Mommy

A Vegetarian Diet

It's About The Pregnancy

Tricking your mind and your body into accepting a vegetable version of a snack as opposed to some beef jerky or a quick hotdog can be as easy as finding the right recipe. Most people who join a fad diet last a few weeks and then are back in their old routine. Your old routine did not work for you so don’t backtrack towards failure, once you decide to become a vegetarian or to change your diet for health reasons, you need to make up your mind and never look back.

Do The Research

Don’t become a vegetarian or vegan just because, do your own research before diving head first into the vegetarian diet and always talk to your doctor before making a total conversion. There are different types of vegetarians who decide to limit their diets to their own tastes or health benefits, as opposed to becoming full on vegans. Only you can figure out what you can to give up and what not.

Find Recipes That You Think You Will Like

There’s no way that you can enjoy any diet if you don’t like the food choices. A great way to make the switch is to find a new recipe every week to try out. Soon you will have plenty of entrees that keep you satisfied every single day. There are great recipes all over Tumblr and Instagram, along with pictures and step by step instructions.

Gradually Transition To A Full Vegetarian Diet

Another way to ensure an easier switch is to slowly transition into the diet. For some, the idea of immediate impact works … for others this will not happen overnight. Some will slowly start reducing dependence on meat products until they find they aren’t looking for meat products when they go shopping at the market. Try your first attempt at going vegetarian for two weeks and see how you feel, go from there.

Cheating At Times Is Not Going To Kill You

And finally, we are going to have to “cheat” at some point, especially in the beginning. The difference between cheating and failing is whether you do it once to curb your cravings or you revert back to your old diet. Cheating will allow you to stop your overwhelming desire to devour a rack of ribs. Cheat only on occasion and you will be able to make the switch without too many hiccups.

Making The Switch Permanent

No matter what healthy dietary changes you make, you have to understand that this is going to be a lifestyle change that could be made permanent; it's up to you. Becoming a vegetarian is not a three-week boot camp class, becoming Vegan is no easy task and quitting junk food completely is sometimes near impossible; but can be done. Whatever the change you decide on is one that will require dedication.

Besides, you were able to dedicate yourself to a “meat and potatoes” diet for years so what is so different with a Tofu/Fish/Eggplant or even Portobello mushroom and potatoes diet?


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