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Working out doesn't necessarily shrink a woman's breast size.

Updated on October 5, 2014

Happiness in action.

My own personal experience.

I kid around and say how much I never would want to get a breast job.

I am happy and content about a size 38 C and think, if I go beast mode when working out and workout hardcore, maybe they will get smaller.

Guess what? I am so wrong.

They actually increased a half of size.

When you hear women and anyone in general say they don't want to lift because they don't want to look like a man or don't want to shrink their breasts, I start to think once again it is society programming and drilling things in to people's minds.

There is nothing wrong with women lifting.

So some women that are bodybuilders work really hard to transform their body to become that big.

For me, knowing what works for me is always the best answer.

As I am getting older, I want to once again achieve getting 6 pack abs.

What people really do not understand is that most women their body changes, whether or not they have kids, it is just nature and there is no way of stop nature from taking it's course and what happens to your body.

For me, what happens;

If I do not workout, I get this "bulge" in my stomach area and even if I didn't eat much, it would be there.

That is just something natural for women to get as they get older.

So I had made the decision, do I want the bulge or do I want 6 pack abs.

The world is changing more and more and I am very lucky that I am finding more and more women like myself, who want to workout on themselves more and more.

Now, if anything, of course people can take the short cuts and I have said before, people have money they can do this.

People get liposuction, botox, stomach operations, plastic surgery and do many things to their body without working out.

Yes you can look really, really great if you do have the money to pay for it.

But once again, in time mother nature is going to keep up with you and you will have to keep shelling out more money, and hey it is not for me to say what people do with their money.

My point and I think I might have said this before, actually quite a few times;

Like a car, our bodies is really a living machine, and with a car you can get the paint jobs and all the special things on the outside you can do to your car to look really good, BUT and yes there is a but, BUT, if you don't take care of the engine inside the car, sooner or later the car is going to break down.

What people want are quick fixes and yes I agree with somethings. People that do lose alot of weight sometimes what can happen is their skin will sag and it is just there and basically they want it remove and they have the money and want to feel better by all means have the surgery to remove that extra skin.

Things I have heard my whole life, and once again about women lifting and "shrinking" their breast, well I have gained a have a cup size and they have grown.

Just like men, women can build up some muscles underneath their breasts and you breasts will seem like they do actually grow.

Yes, I intended to be more well toned, but some of the reasons I do workout is because I feel much better.

My joints, my knees and my back feel so much better when I workout.

I tend to have less headaches and less problems health wise.

But mind you, it is not just workout out, it is what we put in our body.

Yes, we do need to actually eat to lose weight.

Diets are sometimes bad and all those food that are diet foods that are processed in some of those special diet boxes that you heat up in the microwave are sometimes really bad for you.

Even eating just regular foods, they can be very bad for you too.

Everyone had a different chemistry and some of us can't eat some normal foods that other people can eat.

Even dairy, bread, cheese and some oils are so bad for some of us.

Believe it or not, it is not "calories" we need to keep track off, it is sodium content and many other things that we have to look at.

Saturated fats are bad and learning that cooking with Olive Oil or Coconut Oil and other things are better.

But once again, everyone is different, so we need to find out what foods each and everyone of us is able to digest better for ourselves.

Believe or not, some people can't eat some fruits because of seeds or vegetables like tomatoes because the seeds affect their system in a very negative way.

When working out, we shouldn't literally starve ourselves, we should be eating more.

Actually when working out, you are going to get more and more hungry.

So it is good to eat.

Yes, you can do research and look at recipes and many different workout programs.

Sometimes not everything is going to work for you and you just got to find out what works best for yourself.

I think sometimes people have to go at it alone, working out and eating certain ways and just don't get support from people so they might think they are not worthy to keep helping themselves out.

But we all have this potential inside of us to do wonderful things for ourselves to help us make ourselves feel better.

All and all when I hear women or people in general say that they don't want to lift because their breast are going to shrink, well I don't know about anyone else but I got to start looking for a bigger bra size now.


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