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Working out without weights - a free way to get fit - Part 2

Updated on March 29, 2011

I'll make it easy for you

Working out without weights is a great natural way to get in shape. It's not going to happen immediately. It does take a lot of hard work . Having a workout routine is crucial to losing weight and obtaining an overall better health. Knowing a good deal of exercises that you can do without weights gives you the freedom and ability to exercise whenever and wherever you want.

As you can see from the title, this hub is a continuation from part 1 , where I told you cardio and leg workouts without weights. I gave you four different cardio workouts to choose from and 10 different leg workouts to choose from. You don't have to include all of them into your workout, I just included all of them so that you could make your own workout routine from what I gave you.

You will not have to do any work in choosing your workout because I have put a chart at the end of this hub which includes all the workouts on a single graph. I made it so that you can copy it onto a piece of paper to print. The only reason I included a long definition and suggested workout next to each of the exercises was to help you in case you do not know what exercises I am talking about (only because I don't know the bandwagon name of all the workouts wthout weights.)

If you want to see a definition or suggested workout for a cardio or leg workout then just click on the link below to Part 1 of this Hub. You might need Part 1 for the squat matrix, balance matrix, and jump rope because they are all pretty complicated.

 If you want a workout routine that is 10 minutes, then check click on the link (blue words saying workout routine that is 10 minutes)


Arm workouts

Push Ups - These are universally known, but there are multiple types of push ups that you can do. You can do normal, incline, decline, triangular (form triangle with hands), normal with clap, one handed, and forearm pushups. To do a forearm pushup, start in the normal position. One arm at a time, bring your elbows to the ground. Bring them back up to finish one rep. The others are well known

---Suggested workout (individual) - 50 normal, incline; 40 decline; 30 triangular, clap, forearm

Dips - All you need is a chair for this. This works your triceps. Sit on the edge of the chair with your palms on the chair. Extend your legs (keeping them together and straight) and lift yourself up with your arms. Bend your arms to a 90 degree angle so that your butt is a few inches above the ground. Push yourself back up to count rep number one.

---Suggested workout - Burnout (as much as you can do) or >30

Pull ups - You can either do underhand or overhand grip. Underhand primarily works your biceps while overhand works most of your arm and chest muscles. Another change can be the distance between your hands. You can have a wide, normal, or narrow grip. I know this requires some type of pull up devise, but they are really cheap and effective for toning muscle, which is why I think they are worth it. To the right, I have included some good bars that you can attach to a door. Check it out.

---Suggested Workout - Burnout or >8

Bear Crawl - Get on your hands and feet and crawl 30 to 40 yards. To get a better workout, keep your feet and hands as far away from each other as you can.

---Suggested workout - 30 yards down and back

Crab walk - It is the opposite of a bear crawl because your back is facing towards the ground (kinda). Walk feet first. It is the position you would be in if someone pushed you down and you caught yourself with the palms of your hands and didn't let your butt hit the ground.

---Suggested Workout - 30 yards down and back

Arm Push - You can do this one literally anywhere. All you have to do is push your two hands together as hard as you can and hold for a certain amount of time. This is actually a really hard workout.

---Suggested Workout - Hold for 25 seconds or burnout @ full strength

Arm Pull - You can also do this one anywhere. It is the opposite of the Arm Push above because you are pulling. Cuff your hands so you can do this. You can figure out the rest.

---Suggested Workout - Hold for 25 seconds or burnout @ full strength

Door Wall Push - You need to have a door frame for this one. Basically, stand where the door should be and push out as hard as you can. Hold that position for the specified amount of time or for as long as you can

---Suggested Workout - Hold for 25 seconds or burnout @ full strength

Levitating Arm Rise - I don't consider it an actual workout but it's really cool. You just have to try it. Stand under the door frame with your hands at your side. Then slowly bring your arms up so that your body makes a T with your arms. The door frame should get in your wrists way. That's what you want. Next, push your wrists up (trying to make that T) and keep your arms straight. Hold that for around 20 seconds. After that, get out from under the door frame and immediately try to bring your arms to the T position. As you bring your arms up, it will feel like they are levitating.

---Suggested workout - 25 seconds

Triceps hold - Lay down with your hands out. Hold yourself up so that your chest is a couple inches off of the ground. Hold that position.

---Suggested Workout - 15 seconds

Torso Workouts (Abs)

In order for the whole workout to only take 30 minutes, I have condenced the ab workouts to 3 exercises in 3 minutes. If you do this, you should be working out your torso for 55 seconds each time, leaving a 5 second transition time in between each exercise. Like all the other workouts I have shown you, these are all done without weights, and they're free!! :)

Sit ups - Everyone knows these, but here's how just in case you don't. Lay down on your back with your knees at a 90 degree angle, but keep your feet on the ground. Then place your right hand above your left pectoral muscle and your left hand on but above your right pectoral muscle. Then bring your shoulders up off the ground and (with hands in same position) touch the midpoint between your kneecaps and the middle of your legs. Then go down. That's one repitition.

---Suggested Workout - 50 reps

Suitcase crunches - It is the same as situps except you are moving your legs . Lay down on your back and lift your ligs off the ground slightly to start this exercise. You can have your hands near your ears to make it easier. Next, bring your knees to your face and your face to your knees in the same motion. They should meet in the middle. Finish by bringing them back to the starting position, making sure NOT to touch the ground with your feet. That's one rep.

---Suggested Workout - 50 reps, or 55 seconds

Toe touches - This is exactly as it sounds. Lay on yourback, face your toes towards the ceiling, and try to touch them with your hands. The key is to get your shoulders high off the ground , because just moving your arms up and down doesn't do anything.

---Suggested Workout - 75 reps, or 55 seconds

Bicycle - This one's also on your back. Pretend like you are riding a bicycle with your legs. Keep your hands at your head on your ears. Whenever you bring your left leg up, tough your right elboe to your left leg's quad by twisting your body . Hint: the more you twist, the more you work. Also, keep your shoulders completely off the ground while doing this. This works your deltoids, or your side abs, very well.

---Suggested Workout - 30 each leg, or 55 seconds

Push up hold - Get in a push up position and then go down on your elboes so that your forearm is supporting your weight. Keep your body completely straight and hold that position.

---Suggested Workout - 55 seconds

Flutter Kicks - Lay on your back with your feet 6 inches above the ground and your hands under your butt. Move your right leg to a 60 degree angle and then bring it down. As you bring it down, move your left leg up to a 60 degree angle with the ground. Every time one of your legs reaches the highest point, it counts as one rep. Don't let your legs touch the ground during this entire drill.

---Suggested Workout - 160 reps

Flutter kick hold - Start out on your back with your hands under your butt. Hold your legs together so thatyour feet are 6 inches above the ground. Make sure your legs are straight and do NOT bend.

---Suggested Workout - 55 seconds

Flutter Kick 90 dgree Hold - Get in the same position as the above workout except for your legs. Have one of them in the normal position and the other facing directly upwards. Hold that for 5 seconds and then switch legs. Each switch counts as one rep.

---Suggested Workout - 12 reps

Throw Downs - You need a friend for this one. One person stands straight up while the other person gets on the ground on their back. The standing person stands directly over the down person's head and the person on the ground holds onto the the stander's ancles with their hands. The person on the ground then brings their legs (keeping them together) up to the stander, where the stander will push his legs to the ground. The goal for the person on the ground is to be pushed the least distance possible each time using his/her abs while the goal for the stander is the opposite. If you are on the ground, try to not let your legs hit the floor during the whole exercise.

---Suggested Workout - 30 reps, or 30 seconds each person

Ab Roller - This doesn't necesarily need weights, but you do need an ab roller. They are pretty cheap and a really good workout. You basically get down on your knees and put your hands on the handles of the ab roller (It's a wheel with pegs on it to hold on to). Then you just roll back and forth, trying to get as far away from the starting position as you can (the farther you go, the better the workout you get). I would just give a warning that it takes a couple times before you can do a lot of reps just because it is so hard. I wouldn't do more than 15 reps the first couple times. I did that and was sore for literally a week. But after you get used to it, you can try my suggested workout.

---Suggested Workout - 35-40 reps, or 55 seconds

Last Minute Details

Now you can start working out without weights!! I included all the definitions just so that you know what I am talking about, but the main things that you probably want from this page is the chart below and a few of the things from Amazon to help you out.

You can choose to workout however you want, so if you find that one exercise does not work you very much, then just nix it from your list. An ideal number of things to choose from each would be 3 cardio exercises and 6-7 arm, leg, and torso exercises . I purposly gave youmore than those numbers so that you can choose just what you want to include.

If you know any other ways to get fit without weights, then just comment and I might add it to my page. But for now, this should be good enough for you to start with. You don't want to try to start with too much and overload yourself because it will be hard to keep that workout routine or workout plan for very long.

Your Workout Chart

Balence Matrix 
Push ups (7 diff types) 
Sit ups
Squat Matrix 
Jump Rope 
Pull Ups 
Suitcase crunches
Calve Raises
Bear Crawl
Toe touches
High Knee Raises
Crab Walk
Squat Thrusts
Arm Push
Push up hold
Jumping Jacks
Arm Pull
Flutter Kicks
Door Wall Push
Flutter Kick - Hold
Dot Pad
Triceps Hold
Flutter Kick - 90 degree hold
Wall Sits
Throw Downs
Ab Roller

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