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Looking for a quick workout routine that gets results?

Updated on October 4, 2012
targets upper and lower abdominals
targets upper and lower abdominals
targets lower abdominals
targets lower abdominals

Working out is important, but you might feel like you just don't have time. Maybe you don't even feel like you need to lose that much weight.

Even so, working out is about being healthy and fit, and you don't need hours and hours for it. This workout routine targets the abs, (especially the lower, pouchy section of the stomach), but also works out the entire body, and it only takes about twenty minutes!

You can also minimize your time at the gym by doing a lot of these moves right at home. Get out your yoga mat and try the ones pictured here.

The first, as you can see, starts out by lying down flat on your back, with your legs bent at the knee and brought up to the chest. Then, extend your legs upwards, as straight and as high as you can go. Then, bring your legs back to the first position, before finally straightening them out (but without touching the ground with your feet!) Repeat this several times.

The second move starts out in an upright crunch position, with the legs slightly bent at the knee. Extend out, getting as straight as you can without lying down or touching the ground with either end of your body. Then, come back into the crunch. Repeat this several times.

Other great moves to include: the plank (and variations of the plank), jumping jacks, and mountain climbers.

At the gym, try to include cardio along with weight machines that target specific areas of your body. Here's an effective gym routine that you can rearrange to your liking:

Ten minutes on the rowing machine. (Targets the back, abs, arms, and quads).

Ten minutes on the elliptical. (Targets the glutes and quads).

Twenty reps (both directions) on the rotary torso machine. (Targets the obliques and abs).

Twenty-fifty reps on the ab extension machine.

Thirty reps on the leg extension machine.

This whole routine takes less than a half hour, and you are back on with your day! I have personally been doing variations of this routing five to six days a week for about four months, and I am seeing great results and lots of new muscle definition especially in the arms, legs, and abs.

I hope this was helpful for you. Best of luck with your fitness routine!


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