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Workouts for Arms and High Intensity Workout Routines

Updated on July 17, 2013

workouts for arms

Do workouts for arms, losing arm fat and trying to shift stubborn back fat get you frustrated? Shin Ohtake claims the all over body intensity workout is the answer for those thwarting body parts.

Shin Ohtake has found the most helpful answer to be an all over body workout solution he calls 'Max Workouts'. Shin Ohtake is a Chiropractor and Trainer by trade and lives by the proverb "less is more". It is Shin Ohtake's feeling that working one muscle group or body region at a time is uneconomical and not the best way to address specific goals of losing weight from target areas like the buns and arms.

It is reliable reported that 'Max Workouts', a weight loss curriculum that focuses on working the body as a whole in contrast to one group or body part at a time, has encouraging statistics to show. A pair of dumbells, a barbell if possible and the place for performing pull-ups are the only equipment you will need for Shin Ohtakes 'Max Workouts'!

How to tone your buttocks

Are you concerned in finding a way to tone your buns? It's a good idea to learn the connection between the hip flexors and glutes first, as it is significant. Basically, as Shin says, It is advantageous for a person to keep their glute muscles well fit as they protect our lower back muscles which are weaker and smaller. Shin refers to folks having something called "butt amnesia" which is the lack of using the glute muscles.

One reason for "butt amnesia" is a clear cut case of too much sitting. A shortening and tightening of the hip flexors occurs when a person sits too long. One of the stronger muscles in the human body is the hip flexors, which stretch from the upper thigh to the lower back. a encounter between the hip flexor muscles and the lower back muscles usually will result in the hip flexors dominating the lower back muscles as they are much bigger and stronger. Interestingly enough, the glutes are one of the muscles in the body that can "override" the hip flexor muscles but are very undependable in a time of need. When the hip flexors are too tight it has a negative effect on the glutes and tends to impede their activation. Here is a conundrum.

The waking of the glutes needs to be performed but not ahead of the deactivation of the hip flexors. And the best way to do so is to stretch them out. A simple stretching of the hip flexor muscles for one minute prior to your exercise program will assist with getting your glutes to a state of wakefulness.


High Intensity Workout Routines

Hip Thrusts are an exercise that targets the stretching of the hip flexors. Rest your shoulders and neck on a bench pushing out your abs and chest horizontally with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Now, lower your buttocks and chest so that your glute muscles almost touch the ground – and raise back up again.

Shin has high intensity workout routines for this area and arm and back fat areas that so many people suffer with. Those stubborn body parts will be best served with a full body workout rather than targeting one location at a time. Shin's program, 'Max Workouts' will list the workouts for arms, workouts for thighs, buttocks and the other sometimes difficult body parts that don't seem to want to lose weight.

One example of an all over body exercise is the squat press up. The description of the exercise can be found in the Max workouts 90 Day Lean Body Fitness Program.

We recommend you first visit Max Workouts-Workouts for Arms for more information.

Which workout routines do you think work best for arms?

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