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Workouts for Seniors

Updated on July 18, 2009

Physical fitness is essential at any age. The way of reaching it is only through exercise combined with a healthy diet.

No matter what your age is, you'll need to be physical fit and your habits will impact your fitness and physical well being.

Since we can't stop the clock, it's never too late for seniors to do some workouts and age gracefully.

However, not every workout is appropriate for everyone. Obese people, children, pregnant woman and seniors, for example, need workout programs adapted to their needs.

For seniors who want to start doing some exercise, the following workout tips for seniors might be of interest to you.

Workout Tips for Seniors

First tip – Water workouts are perfect for seniors. Water exercise is perfect for meeting new people, being more active and, on the top of that, it has very low rate of seniors getting hurt.

Under water workout, it's not only meant swimming. Water workouts are all physical exercises made on water. Some people find swimming boring and prefer other kinds of water workouts.

The huge advantage of water exercise is its low impact, its function as a physical therapy, and its flexibility.

Water workouts are open to all kinds of people. Seniors who cannot move on land can do water workouts. And so is the case of seniors who have suffered a major surgery, after an accident or fall and in many more cases.

Second tip – Walk as often as you can. Besides the low impact of water workouts, there is also walking. It boosts your circulation and it can be done everyday.

The easy of use is higher, but the physical benefit are lower. It's also an aerobic exercise, but it won't train your upper body strength. You might think that seniors don't need strong arms, but you're wrong.

Seniors should always include upper body exercise. Strong arms are essential to avoid harm in falls, which seniors are prone to.

Third tip – Try yoga and Tai Chi. Seniors are not too old for starting new activities. Although not every activity is recommended, if you want to start something new and improve your physical fitness, then try yoga for seniors or Tai Chi.

Both are originally from Asia (which is know for its long-lived seniors) and both have a low impact on your joints. Both can increase slightly your strength or at least keep it.

Both will increase your balance and both will improve your breathing and posture. It's hard to think about seniors who cannot benefit from these forms of art and exercise.

The above workouts for seniors are suggestions only. If it causes pain, dizziness or may aggravate any previous injuries, it should be stopped immediately.

Choose one that is suitable to your fitness level and just like any other form of exercise, you should begin slowly and progress gradually over time. 

If you are a senior over the age of 60, it's advisable that you consult your doctor, before you elect to begin any type of workout programs.


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    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 8 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Great article with great advice! I like David Stillwagon rated it UP!

      Water Exercise is Wise!

      Water Exercise is not for Wimps!

    • adventurewithme profile image

      adventurewithme 8 years ago

      yes very good advice

    • profile image

      david stillwagon 8 years ago

      Lots of great advice! I rated it up