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Workouts that will unlock your naughty side

Updated on November 30, 2013

The other side

Let’s face it, every woman has a naughtier much sexier side; some women just have a hard time getting in touch with her naughty girl side, because they may feel self-conscious about their body. Every woman should be proud of what they got and not be ashamed of what they are lacking. Hitting the gym can be boring which will eventually lead to you wasting money on gym membership, because you stop going to the gym.These five dance routines are design to get into shape, have fun, build confidence, and unlock your naughty side.


Burlesque dancing or what some people call “ The art of the striptease” is about seduction and is a great way to celebrate the female body and to be proud of what you got. It doesn't matter whether you're tall, short, skinny, or plus size, anyone can do it. This style of dancing offers a great cardio workout; you’ll be able to sculpt your whole body while feeling confident. To get started you’re going to need customs; some people make their own, because burlesque costume can be expensive. This old time dance is a great way to visit the past, get in shape, and feel beautiful.

Video vixen

While watching a music video have you ever tried or wished to dance like the women you see in the music videos? If so, then a video vixen class will teach you how to dance like them, while offering a great workout; it shows you step-by-step how to perform these moves. So the next time you’re dancing in front of the mirror you’ll feel like a sexy video vixen. You can show these moves off the next time you're at a party or the club instead standing around with a drink watching other people have fun. These moves allow you to escape at home and express yourself and even add your own moves to the routine.

Aerial dance

It is a dance routine that incorporates an apparatus hanging from the ceiling allowing you to explore three dimensional spaces. Aerial dancing allows you to express yourself, while building a strong upper body. Other than building strength, this dance is known courage, flexibility, and grace. It may seem scary or intimidating at first to hang that high up, but beginners start at the bottom and over the course of time your body will become stronger and more adapt to the moves allowing you to climb higher.

Pole dance

You would normally see pole dancing in strip clubs, but what about the classroom or even at home? Pole dancing is a full body workout; you’ll be able to get in touch with your naughty side as you go though the course. Also pole dancing is great way to get rid of those trouble areas on your thighs. This type of dancing has become very popular because it’s very exciting; so if you’re tire of the same of routines at the gym and ready to have fun then ditch the gym and hit the pole.

Lap dance

This has got to be the sexiest way to get into shape; lap dance fitness can do a lot for you confidence, your body and/or your relationship. As you advance in a course you’ll be able to perform more advanced moves becoming more fit and sexy. If you really want lose yourself and get more sexy and fit then you should get into character and set the atmosphere by wearing the proper wardrobe and setting the proper lighting in the room.

Working out can be boring even if you’re trying to obtain that sexy body for the beach; sometimes your workout buddy doesn’t help and you begin to give up. These dance classes provide a great sexy workout, so not only will you look great, but you’ll feel 100 times better than you would after you hit gym, because you can bring your workout home with you.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Interesting ways to look good on that side of your body.


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