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World Renewed Hygiene

Updated on March 19, 2020
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Covid-19 hygiene
Covid-19 hygiene

Covid Makes Us Cleaner

I can tell you that I am honestly shocked at how many people seem to use the toilet and just doesn’t wash their filthy hands. It seems as though the world has never been a good hygienic place as the rush is on for cleaning agents due to the Corona Virus. People walk around spitting in their hands and making useless deals, touching stair rails, having stray animals licking their fingers and then dipping these same fingers in foods and licking them off. Some people have even postponed having a bath until they become so stink they even get rejected by the devil. This is why the common cold and flu gets spread so damn easily. Now the world is at renew for good hygiene. Well, here are some good hygiene tips for dummies to help protect themselves from passing on or catching viruses.

Sneezing and Coughing Spreads Diseases
Sneezing and Coughing Spreads Diseases

Good Hygiene Practices

1. Wash Your Darn Hands

Yes, this is critical for the non-spreading of viruses. Use soap and water to wash your hands clean from any bacteria or virus which may have temporarily taken residence on them. Soap has been a long-time friend of cleanliness, use it as much as possible. Ensure that you soap your hands thoroughly, not just the face of your hands but the back and fingertips too. Get that soap in all the creases and soap for about 10 seconds then rinse off with clean running water.

2. Use Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are like that walking bottle of soap substitute. They contain cleaning agents like:

  • Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (99 percent alcohol volume)
  • aloe Vera Gel
  • An essential oil, such as tea tree oil or lavender oil, or you can use lemon juice instead

The alcohol is what kills germs and bacteria from your hands. The gel helps to sooth your hand from the alcohol.

3. Sneeze or Cough Between Your Elbows

Where you sneeze matters. Please don’t aim your sneeze in some strangers face or at your friends or family. Sneezing allows spit to fly from your mouth like an escaped fox running from a hunt. Your spit contains bacteria and virus if you have any. Once your spit catches the eyes, lips or face of the victim, that person can catch any flu like virus you may have. When you sneeze or cough in your elbow, the germs do not fly all over the place. Sneezing in your hand is dangerous because many people do not wash or sanitize their hands after they sneeze or cough in it. They then do handshakes, touch people, touch objects and touch their own faces. This spreads the germ thicker than peanut butter.

4. Bath Regularly

Yes, bathing is one of those activities which keeps your body clean and washes away germs from your body. But just turning on the shower and singing like a hoarse alley cat will not do. You need to use soap and rag to properly bathe yourself. Ensure that all your body parts are properly soaped. One of the bad things about bathing though is that people many times use soaps based upon scent and not health. Soaps are supposed to help your skin, not break your skin. Use natural soaps and revitalize while your get clean.

5. Place Dirty Clothes in Waste Basket and Wash ASAP

When you go places you don’t go naked. Most sane people wear clothing to cover our out of shaped bodies. Clothes go everywhere and do everything. After all, your clothes is you right? Your clothes run, your clothes walk, your clothes stand and your clothes sit. Your clothes gets hugs and it gets beat ups. Your clothes is a walking germ collector. When your clothes reaches home, ensure that your clothes do not sit or lie on the bed. Get your clothes in the waste basket immediately and limit any germ spreading. Then simply go have a nice warm bath and enjoy some Jamaican coffee.

6. Don’t Let Animals lick your Hands or Face

Many animals are walking germ carriers. Some are even strong disease carriers. Some carry the germ in their saliva while some can infect you with a sting, bite or even eating the meat of that animal. Many people love animals, we make them lick our hands and sometimes our faces leaving strong germs on them. Then of course we do not was the hand or face the animal licked, sometimes causing us to get ill.

7. Stick To One Sexual Partner Use a Condom and Get Married

Stop walking around thinking you are the object of everyone’s sexual desire. The more you sleep around the more germs and viruses your tired body may consume. Ensure that you and your partner practice safety in the bedroom and that both your bodies only belong to each of you and no one else. Many viruses are transmitted by a lot of unfaithful people.

© 2020 Clive Williams


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