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Would Typing Be Considered "Pushing Buttons?"

Updated on December 11, 2008

Lately I've been writing for effect.

 Bringing forth ideas, topics and situations. Just to read and guage reactions and thoughts. I love seeing what makes people tick. I love trying to understand other's thought processes, and mental make-up. The design of the interaction is such a delicate dance, that many of waltz through with the grace of an elephant doing macareña. But to me the is beautiful, I live for the wabi-sabi moments we have in this lifetime.

I don't write so much to shake the bees nest, as much as to see the differences people have in responding. I love how so many can read the same words and find different meanings behind those words, or the attempt to read "between to lines" of what has been written. More so I am amazing, no probably more puzzled, actually at times upset when some comments are totally unrelated to the subject that has been written. We have all done it...yet still a strange phenomena. It makes me wonder if the Mother Ship came and got you...then returned you in one of those "missing time moments." But we all relate to what is written by other differently and maybe in our translation of the words...something stands out and strikes a chord. Causing a focus on that particular spot.

Kinda like right now I've judt been typing and letting this run it's course,with not putting much thought into what's being written so much. But I notice as well that I leave many of my pieces prematurely finished, allowing the reader to draw upon more on there own a conclusion...sometimes many finish my work in the comment section for me...thank yo, for I don't really give you credit as my co-writer, but I do enjoy your addition to the blossoming of my rolling dribble and mental rubbish.

Originally I wrote as a chronical, then as a way to promote ideas, thoughts and other works that I found informative or interesting. I found a lot of humor, and quotes; I also learned  much about those who originally spoke thse quotes. Many I learned were less fortunate and sercumed to the painful disease of addiction. Those poor brilliant souls...I pray that they all found eternal bliss.

Recently my writing has been focused on the twists and turns of thoughts, circumstances, ideologies and the diversity that has grown through the years. Trying to understand the development of the different schools of thought in and about the diease of addiction. While still trying to maintane a level of more traditional thought. I enjoy trying to challenge, stimulate, and bringing topics to the table. I want to continue to attempt to allow all to lay it on the line and to say what they feel needs to be said.

I still will write at times just to write, and at times to provoke conversations. After all good friends, and good conversations is a delicacy that should not only be savored, and admired, but cherished as well.

Elvis Costello "Everyday I Write the Book"


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  • jessicab profile image


    9 years ago from Alabama

    Good hub maybe typing is just pushing buttons. Read my hub on the dangers of text messaging.

  • St.James profile imageAUTHOR


    10 years ago from Lurking Around Florida

    I start with a first sentence...And I go where my fingers take me. I just start typing.

  • profile image

    Feline Prophet 

    10 years ago

    Er...the Mother Ship just brought me I'm allowed to make an unrelated comment I think! :P

    How do you manage to be so prolific St. James? Weeks go by sometimes and I can't think of a thing to write, and here you are giving us hub after hub after hub! :)

  • RGraf profile image

    Rebecca Graf 

    10 years ago from Wisconsin

    STJ, I have to say that I love your honesty. It is refreshing. I also have to admit that I save reading any of your pieces till a time I can really sit down and digest them. Thank you.

  • prasannasutrave profile image


    10 years ago from mumbai( india )

    Nice Hub.


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