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Wow Your Friends With Weight Loss

Updated on February 21, 2019

Who Are Your Role Models?

Is there anyone you look up to? This could be a person who inspires you and you don't have to actually know them. Sometimes, learning about a successful person you like can be motivating. It doesn't mean you are copying that person and losing your own identity. Rather, it means that you are emulating certain characteristics of a successful person to become more successful yourself.

What was your most successful moment? No matter who you are, you have had some successes in your lifetime. Just because you are overweight certainly does not mean that your whole life has been a failure. So, think back to something you decided to do and achieved it. You were a person of resolve then and you are a person of resolve now.

Read inspirational literature. Norman Vincent Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking is a classic inspirational book. However, there are many others. It does not matter which you choose. Learn something from it and elevate your beliefs to the "possible." Think empowering thoughts about yourself. You are a resourceful person and you can do it. Spend some time each day being deliberately positive about yourself.

Do You Feel Helpless About Your Weight?

It is easy to feel discouraged and helpless about your weight. After all, it may seem like a big problem that never seems to improve much. However, simply turn your thinking around. Think about how that was the old you and the new you is going to take charge of his or her own weight.

How do you take charge? You take charge in one instant with a decision. You have made a decision that no matter what, you will lose weight and that is half the battle. You are taking charge of your mentality to take charge ultimately of your weight. Your whole life and priorities will fall into alignment with this new outlook.

Day to day faithfulness is the key to success. Success is not achieved in one day. It is achieved in the day-to-day. This is a small distinction but a crucial one. You must be faithful to your weight loss program each day in order to achieve overall success.

If you don't take charge of your life, someone else will. Similarly, if you don't plan your meals in advance, you are making a big mistake. Failure to plan means you will be at the whim of hunger. You will likely eat whatever you can get your hands on. This will probably be junk food and cause you to get fatter. Maybe weight loss seems like an impossible goal right now. But you can make a positive decision by staying true to your goals every day.

What Would It Take to Realize Your Weight Loss Dream?

You can step into a new vision of yourself anytime. Leave the old you in the dust. Get into a higher, better and more successful version of yourself at once. You are the one who shapes and controls your own projection of yourself onto the world.

Do you have a body image problem? Many people who are overweight have a body image problem. They see themselves as large and needing more food. Overweight people need to develop a positive body image. Work on developing your body image ideal.

Are you dissatisfied with life? Dissatisfaction with life can be a big bonus. It does feel uncomfortable, though. However, dissatisfaction can urge you to make tremendous changes in your life. Dissatisfaction can be what causes you to go to the next level.

Write down a blueprint. It is best if you write down all that you plan to do. Then, you can proceed with your weight loss plan in an orderly fashion. Write down what works and even what you find does not work for you. Do not fake it- be honest with yourself in your journal. To lose weight, you have to change. Decide how you would prefer to look and feel.

List Five Ways You Can Take Action

You truly already have the knowledge within you to lose weight. Yet, you must tap into this information. Give it some thought and come up with a list of five ways you could take action on your weight loss goal. The list could include the type of diet you choose as well as the exercise you like best.

Now, list five ways to make it easier. It is true that losing weight is not easy for many people. So, it is worthwhile to take some time and determine what would make it easier for you. How could you get yourself to achieve this goal? Make a list of the ways to ensure your own success.

What has been getting in your way? Everyone has temptations and obstacles that are particular to them. Do you know what yours are? Perhaps you are an emotional eater. Or maybe you don't plan ahead and wind up eating whatever is available instead of remaining on your plan.

What will you get when you succeed? It is helpful to know your own motivations. Perhaps you will get a feeling of success. Or maybe it is your own outward appearance that will improve and you are looking forward to that. It may be that your doctor will see an improvement in your annual checkup. There are so many ways in which people can be motivated.

Feel Accomplishment From Past Success

Do you fear failure? So many people do not take action because they fear failure. Yet, not taking the action necessary to succeed is an even bigger failure. So, put aside your notions of fear and get started toward you goals. If you want your friends to be impressed by your weight loss then you must get started. It will take a real effort to lose weight and you must face your fears and take action consistently. Then, the successes will build up your confidence.

How do people feel confidence? It comes from a sense of accomplishment. Some people have self confidence naturally. Others have to work at it. You can improve your self confidence and get it up to a very high level if you desire.

Success Comes From Taking Action

Take steps toward your goal daily. Do not talk about these actions, simply perform them. You are not performing for anyone but yourself. So there is nothing to talk about. Just get down to business and perform your weight loss plan.

Generally, it is not a good idea to talk about your goals. It is much better to leave the talking to other people and become all about the taking action.

Action is Your Best Friend

The only way you will succeed is by taking massive action. Also, the action has to be consistently performed each day. Small actions performed consistently matter more than big actions done infrequently.

Put aside your fear of failure and know that your past successes can provide fuel for your future. Taking action has helped you in the past. Likewise, taking action can be your best ally in you weight loss.


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