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Oolong Tea For Great Weight Loss

Updated on March 16, 2011

Wu Yi Chinese Tea

Oolong Tea is called Wu Long in Mandarian and is a chinese tea that has been used for many centuries in China. Recent Japanese Research shows that the consumption of 3-4 cups of the tea a day will result in weight loss. Oolong Tea is a partialy fermented tea between green tea " unfermented " and "fermented " black tea. When it is brewed it turns a golden amber and is a delicious tea. It is great as a hot tea by the cup or as iced tea.

This tea has been getting so much press lately so lets get it straight. Wu Yi Tea is no different than wu long tea which is the same as oolong tea.

Wu Yi is the mountainous region in China where this dark rich tea is grown.

Wu Yi Tea has wonderful health benefits and burns calories.

A substance called "Polyphenol" in wu yi tea is what controls obesity in people and causes them to lose weight when they drink the tea. It activates the enzyme that is responsible for disolving triglyceride. It basically speeds the metabolism and the result is you burn more calories. And you lose weight as a result.

It is well documented that Wu Yi Tea is a wonderful weight loss aid. It has been well known for hundreds of years that Wu Yi Tea is a great aid to help you lose weight.

The Growth Environment of Wuyi Rock Tea

Weight Control

Weight Control is the leading health concern of most North American's. Although losing weight , or at least limiting weight gain , really is a matter of exercising more or eating less. Overweight is generally recognized as a major risk factor for heart disease and diabetes. Green Tea and Wu Yi Tea both have the ability to control weight and help you lose weight

Why Do People Drink Chinease Tea

Well drinking Chinese Tea was once thought of as something. But not anymore because the secret is out. Besides tasting oh so good Chinese Tea has a multitude of benefits for you. It can perk you up when you feel down and it will relax you at the end of a long hard day.

What Are All The Benefits Of Drinking Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea is one of the most thirst quenching beverages on earth. It naturally has no calories and 0 fat. Its natural nutrients and antioxidants provide you with a multitude of health benefits. You can get the health benefits of chinese tea by drinking 3-5 cups of Chinese Tea Daily.

Medicinal Uses For Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea was first used for medicinal purposes about 2600 BC. There was no scientific data being gathered on the tea at that time. It was the effects people saw after drinking the tea that they began to realize where these health benefits they noticed were coming from. It was the tea they were drinking.

Research Into Chinese Tea

Since that time when the Chinese first noticed the benefits of Chinese Tea there have been a multitude of research and investigations into Chinese Tea. And there have been a lot of significant findings. Most of these studies have found that you can get the benefits of Chinese Tea by drinking only 3-5 cups of the tea daily. And this will not prove difficult for you as the tea tastes really good and there are 0 calories in it. Other than plain water Chinese Tea is the best beverage on earth.

Three Key Elements In Chinese Tea Give You Its Benefits


Caffeine is a mild stimulant and it is found in Chinese Tea. The amount of caffeine in Chinese Tea varies from tea to tea because of the processing the tea under goes. But soft drinks or coffee has a lot more caffeine than Chinese Tea.


It has been found during the many studies done on the Chinese Tea over the years that Chinese Tea contains many essential vitamins and minerals. One very important thing it contains is Vitamin B Complex which is known to help your carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It also has great benefits for your skin. It is also one of the best natural sources for fluoride which prevents cavities in your teeth. And it also contains large amounts of Vitamin C which is known to prevent Colds and Flu.


And the best benefit of all in Chinese Tea is the antioxidants it contains. In case you don't know antioxidants are substances that neutralize harmful cell by products and keep them from doing any harm to the human body. It is believed that free radicals as these cell by products are called are what travels through the human body causing damage. Chinese Tea prevents this from happening in your body. Carotenoids are some of the antioxidants and they enhance the immune system. There are also flavonoids which lower blood cholesterol and even strengthen blood vessel walls. Chinese Tea also contains Vitamin E which prevents aging.

Oolong Tea Health Benefits

The large amounts of polyphenols found in Oolong Tea remove almost all free radicals in the human body.

Tooth Decay is prevented by polyphenol which is in the Oolong Tea.

Chinese Herbalists believe that Oolong Tea has many benefits for the kidneys and spleen.

Oolong Tea prevents and even cures skin damage such as dark pigmentaion or liver spots that are caused by free radicals.

And now we come to one of the best benefits of all of Oolong Tea and that is its ability to control and prevent obesity. It does this by activating the enzyme responsible for dissolving triglycerides which are fatty deposits in the human body and it greatly enhances the function of fat metabolism. Other words in plain english it burns fat and causes weight loss. And this is something that can make us all happy. After all there are many of us who could stand to lose a few pounds or even more. Their are many stories of people losing 100 pounds or more through the use of Oolong Tea.

The Health Benefits Of Honey

Honey has long been recognized as a great natural remedy. It has been used for thousands of years as a mediciene. Honey also contains a multitude of antioxidants and we all know that antioxidants are good for you while plain white sugar is not. Consider adding honey to your Oolong Tea instead of sugar. And that way you will be getting the benefits of both the Oolong Tea and the Honey. You can find some great honey above and to the right.

Lose Weight Fast Naturally , I Lost 110 Pounds with Oolong Tea

Man Loses 110 Pounds With Oolong Tea

Yes I lost 110 Pounds using Oolong Tea and I am so happy . You can't beat losing 110 pounds and I did it by drinking Oolong Tea and eating simple meals. I did change from regular Pepsi to Diet Pepsi but that is the only other thing I did. It took me 14 months to do it but I feel and look so much better as you can see in the photos. The tea I used is right there to the right. Try it and see what it can do for you. Oolong Tea is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I have now changed my eating habits quite a bit and eat a lot of raw vegetables and broiled fish and seafood now. I never want to gain the weight back again. I really credit Oolong Tea with saving my life. My doctor has taken me off my blood pressure medicine and is amazed at my weight loss.

Mountain Top Green Tea Farm

Hand-picking Japanese Green Tea

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      Hi, what a nice hubI agree that green tea has many benefit for health,beside made long life for human body it's goodfor every people ,every age.Have Nice day