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Ways To Help Prevent Motion Sickness

Updated on March 10, 2015

If you suffer from motion sickness, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Motion sickness can be caused by a car, airplane, boat or amusement ride. Here are some ways that you can try to help prevent yourself from feeling the symptoms of motion sickness.


Dramamine is an over the counter motion sickness reliever. I have found Dramamine to be effective at treating motion sickness but it also made me feel drowsy and tired. There are non-drowsy formulas available that may help prevent sleepiness that might work for you. However, I have tried the non-drowsy formula but I still felt sleepy after taking it. If you are going to try Dramamine you may want to take it the night before you travel. Dramamine helps to prevent motion sickness for up to 24 hours.


If you are looking for a natural remedy with no side effects, you may want to try Hyland's Motion Sickness tablets. These tablets dissolve in your mouth, so they are convenient to carry around with you because you do not need to take them with water. You would take these tablets about a half hour before you travel to help prevent the queasiness that comes with motion sickness.


This is my favorite remedy for motion sickness. Ginger pills help to relieve the nausea and headaches I experience with motion sickness. Ginger is an anti inflammatory and has also been known to help with nausea. Drinking ginger ale does not help me as much as the pills do. I find that ginger pills are the most effective remedy I have used so far.


Sea bands are bands that are placed around your wrist to help prevent motion sickness. The bands apply pressure to your wrists, which is known as acupressure. It is supposed to help with the nausea and feelings of sickness while traveling. I have used Sea Bands but I have not found them all that useful in treating my symptoms of motion sickness. However, I know people who have had success in treating their motion sickness with these bands. It may be worth a try if you do not want to take a pill.


Sometimes when I travel on an empty stomach, I notice that I feel more nauseated than usual. It may be a good idea to eat a meal before traveling to prevent feeling queasy. Make sure not to overeat as this may also make you feel sick. You could carry food with you or stop at a rest stop for food if you have been traveling for a long period of time. Try not to let yourself go too long without eating because an empty stomach may cause you to feel symptoms of motion sickness.


Sitting up front in a car, instead of the back seat, may help some people prevent the feelings of motion sickness. Focus on the road ahead while you are sitting up front. You may still get motion sick in the front seat, but it may not be as bad as if you were sitting in the back seat of the car.


Make sure that you are getting enough air. If the weather is hot, turn the air conditioner on in the car. You may want to roll down the window in the car to get some fresh air. When it is hot in a car while I am traveling, I tend to feel sicker. Even in cold weather, if the heat is turned up high in the car, it will cause me to feel sick. I prefer the car to be at a cooler temperature as I feel this helps prevent some of the feelings of motion sickness.


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