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Updated on April 7, 2009


YOGA literally means to become one.

Implying that YOGA is a means to unite one's SELF with one's Soul(Atman).

YOGA is a tool to CHANNEL ENERGY to attain this UNISON.

The ultimate goal is UNISON of Self and Atman.

By nature HUMAN body evolves within certain bounds, with respect to surroundings and circumstances. Body responds to thought. Utilizing this evolving ability and responding to thought ability YOGA enables one to reach space of consciousness.

When ENERGY is channeled to flow from base of spine to the crown of the skull, atma is realized where the Shiva and Shakthi is in perfect UNISON.

There are 5 illusionary sheaths covering Human Consiousness which can be removed by yogic practises. 

1 Physical (Anna); 

2. Energy (Prana);

3. Mental (Mana); 

4. Wisdom (Vijnana); 

5. Bliss (Ananda);

6.Self (Atman)

Asanas – (posture and movement-breath synchronization) -
Pranayamas – (breath control techniques)
Kriyas – (purificatory techniques)
Relaxation – (conscious relaxation of body and mind)
Meditation – (one-pointedness of mind and introversion) –


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    • Greenheart profile image

      Greenheart 8 years ago from Cambridge


      I do hatha yoga in the context of my relationship to my Guru,Adi Da.

      Do you have a Guru?.

      Wishing you a fruitful and happy 2010!