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Updated on February 27, 2012
Tuumor on the Pituitary Gland
Tuumor on the Pituitary Gland

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Last year I dated a man who mentioned on our second date that he had a tumor on his pituitary gland.

Because I am an energy healer – and because I liked him - I asked permission to take a look. He agreed.

Even before I “looked in”, however, I felt the tumor was a result of a great deal of unresolved past anger. When I mentioned it to him, he nonchalantly blew it off saying he wasn’t angry with anyone. (I sensed that this was an important signal: he was unaware, or not ready, to be accountable for his emotions and that it might show up as relationship difficulty later. It did, but that’s another story.)

For the next several months, whether I was in his presence or not, I began to energetically (psychically) “visit” his pituitary gland. Initially, I examined the tumor, but shortly after, I began to focus all of my healing efforts on the pituitary as a more positive expense of my energy. I knew the tumor would shrink if I helped the pituitary become stronger and healthier, since I viewed the tumor as nothing more than a parasite.

On my first visit with the pituitary gland I noticed that it was shriveled and gray in color; the tumor appeared larger than the gland and was certainly more robust. Once I assessed the growth and the “fuel” that kept the tumor alive, I began working exclusively with the gland.

A few weeks after I began administering healing energy, I went to Pennsylvania to visit my dearest friend. I shared my experience regarding my new male friend’s tumor.

I invited her to watch me closely as I began to “check-in” with my friend’s pituitary gland (he was 2,600 miles away at that moment). I closed my eyes and did what I always do, which is to “search” for the object of my inquiry/attention. When I found it, I locked in on it and began to scan and then wrap it in immense light, all the while silently “speaking” with it. The dialogue was simple and sweet. I wanted to assure it that it was capable of diminishing the parasite (tumor) and that it could fill itself with love and rid itself of anger and fear.

Suddenly, I heard my friend yell! I opened my eyes just as she jumped up so rapidly that her chair fell to the floor. She ran – backwards - into the kitchen, still yelling.

“What’s wrong?!” I was completely startled by her response; what had upset and shocked her so? “What’s wrong?!” I asked her several times before she could reply.

What she finally conveyed was that as I was “searching” for the pituitary, she could see my eyeballs twitching and rapidly moving back and forth. Once I found it, she said she could sense that I locked in. Although curious and intriguing, that was not what frightened her. That’s when, according to her, my face began to morph.

I’d been told many times in the past that my face changes during intuitive readings and/or energetic healings. I hadn’t given it much thought before now; however, with my closest friend and confidant reacting so strangely, I wanted to understand what was going on.

Trying to describe it as best she could, she said that while I was intently “working” a large diamond-shaped spot just to the left of my left eyebrow began to raise and turn deep blue-purple – like a bruise. Then, almost as quickly, it pulsated and turned bright red. My face changed right before her eyes and she needed some time digesting what she’d just seen.

My dear friend is not prone to exaggerating; she is very practical and deeply spiritual. I trust her observation explicitly.

I can’t say for sure what happens to my body or mind while I am working. I just do what I do, but I have often wondered, and am open to exploration of what medical science would find regarding physiological changes that apparently take place when I multidimensionally access information or actively participate in the healing process.


Connie Stewart, Intuitive Profiler, Healer, Medium, Speaker and Writer is available for private sessions by appointment only. Through Intuitive Profiling, Connie identifies and cuts unhealthy energetic cords. Releasing these negative energetic connections allows you to function at a higher vibrational frequency.

Connie is also available for corporate keynote presentations and group sessions.

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    • SoulSync profile image

      SoulSync 5 years ago

      Thanks sso much, Enldia! I believe my healing abilities are being boosted over time and love the feeling of putting them to good use.



    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 5 years ago from trailer in the country

      I found this very interesting and useful, and will rate it that way...also plan to bookmark this. Blessings.