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Yuba Soya and Its Applications

Updated on August 24, 2020
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What is Yuba?

We also discover today an ingredient far from our western traditions. As you know, returning from the trip to Japan, a part of us has definitely remained there. So here we are exploring with the memories and the mouth water, some of the foods that we have known and appreciated during our stay. In this case, we wish to introduce you to Yuba and its possible applications.

Yuba is a food derived from soy, also known as "Tofu skin". With the spread in the West of the cult for Japanese and Chinese cuisine, soy derivatives are increasingly known and appreciated also in the Bel Paese. In the meantime, remember that Yuba is typical of Japan but also present in China and Korea.

How is Yuba prepared?

To prepare the Yuba, the soy milk is brought to a boil. On the surface of the milk, at the right temperature (i.e. between 80 ° and 85 °), a kind of film is formed, a membrane rich in proteins. This membrane is collected from the surface of the soy milk and dried to form yellowish sheets. Before being used, these sheets must be rehydrated with water. This membrane, so simply obtained, is used to form cracks, rolls or as an element to be inserted in soups.

The flavour of Yuba is basically sweet and, as we said, it lends itself to various possible uses. Considering that this is a practical and particular alternative, Yuba was quickly absorbed and enhanced also for vegetarian and vegan nutrition. In addition to being used as a food to be rolled around fillings, Yuba can also be consumed cold. In this version, it can be seen how the taste is rather similar to tofu. In fact, like tofu, eaten alone it tends to be unsatisfactory but it becomes much more interesting if combined with other ingredients.

A meat substitute food?

Yuba, as we said earlier, contains many proteins. This characteristic has meant that it is sometimes intended as a substitute for meat. The flavour, however, is clearly far removed and not even comparable inconsistency.

With a sweet, nutty and slightly marked taste, Yuba generally adapts to its filling. Depending on the type of consumption it will be used for, it can be served fresh, fried, steamed or simply rolled up.


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