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Yantra Mat Reviews - Himalaya & Acupressure

Updated on March 22, 2012

Yantra Mat Reviews is an article written to give you an overview on the latest health trend that is exploding around the world. This amazing mat can be used to treat lots of health conditions naturally.

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Yantra Mat Reviews
Yantra Mat Reviews | Source

How To Use Your Yantra Mat

The Yantra Mat has over 8,800 acupressure points which when put under pressure will give equal pressure on all points. Size wise your mat comes as a standard height of 75cm and width of 44cm.

For variety and different health conditions there are several ways in which to use your mat. You can lie on either your stomach or back, even put your mat on a chair and sit down onto it.

I would personally advise that until you get used to the acupressure points (with slight discomfort) to wear some light cotton clothing. After several sessions you will then be comfortable in just your bare skin.

The recommended time span for best results is just 20 minutes every day.

Stomach - Whilst laying on your stomach your head can be turned to one side for comfort and breathing. In this position you can loosen the tightness in both the respiratory and diaphragm muscles. Also great for boosting your metabolic rate too.

Back - Try to lay on a surface that is even and support your neck by using a pillow. Great for stimulating spinal acupressure points and improving your back problems.

Sitting Down - Use a solid regular chair for relieving tension in the buttocks and lumbar region.

My Personal Yantra Mat Reviews

All my healthy and fitness loving friends keep asking me what it's like to use the mat? Some have even called round to my house for a quick demonstration! I stuck to the guidelines of 20 minutes every day and try to use it at least 5 days every week.

Due to the increased blood flow the sensations are really what I expected with some nice warmth and tingling. I found the whole procedure such a relaxing one now that a lot of the time it sends me to sleep.

Personally I prefer to lay on my back or stomach for comfort, though being seated is nice and very effective too. I find a great time to use my Yantra Mat is either before bed or while I'm working on my lap top computer which also makes it time effective for me.

Since using my mat for a few months now I have definitely noticed less stiffness in my lower back region and less aching in an area on my hip where I have scar tissue from an old injury. Even if you don't have any neck or back problems it can be used for lots of other health issues and even just as a pure natural method for relaxation.

Do I recommend the Yantra Mat? 100% yes! Why not buy your own & give it a try? If you have had any positive health results from using your own please leave a comment below.

Yantra Mat Reviews Video


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