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Vaginal Yeast Infection Holistic (Wholistic) Treatment

Updated on November 20, 2011

If you want to gain complete relief of yeast infection in as little as 12 hours, cure vaginal, male and oral yeast infections, and permanently eliminate your candida yeast infection quickly and holistically within 2 months, then read this hub.

Yeast Infection

Normally, yeast and bacteria are present everywhere on the surface of the body, or in its body cavities, they are kept in check by a normal balance of flora.

There are factors that favor growth of yeast including:
- Drugs like antibiotics, steroids, and birth control pills
- High blood estrogen in pregnancy or by hormone therapy
- Unhealthy eating habits
- Stress
- Frequent insomnia
- Diseases like diabetes and HIV infection   
- Tight underwear

Thus Yeast requires favored conditions to flourish, and we can deprive it from these conditions.

Symptoms that may Accompany Yeast Infection

- Itching or Burning Sensation In Your Intimate Parts
- Vaginal Odor Or Vaginal Discharge
- Leaky Gut Syndrome
- Arthritis
- Painful Urination or Other Urinary Disorders
- Painful Sex
- Sexual Dysfunction or Impotence
- Depression or Mood Swings
- Chronic Rashes
- Constant Tiredness or Fatigue
- Irritability
- Joint Pain or Swelling
- Digestive Pain
- Muscle Aches
- Short Attention Span
- Hand Pain
- Hip and Knee Pain
- Headaches or Constant Migraines
- Constipation
- Unexplainable Lack of Energy
- Acne
- Respiratory Infections
- Bloating or IBS
- Hypoglycemia
- Menstrual Pain
- Skin Lesions
- Shortness of Breath
- Food Allergies
- Learning and Memory Problems
- Increased Craving For Simple Carbohydrates
- Eczema
- Jumpy Legs
- Blurred Vision Or Brain Fog
- Oral Yeast Infection (Oral Thrush)
- Male Yeast Infection
- Yeast Infections in Your Toe or Fingernails
- Unexplainable Feeling of "Not being yourself"

Myths about Yeast Infection

You need to know the facts to fully understand the nature of Candida infection and what really needs to be done in order to fully control and eliminate its related symptoms for good. Here are the facts :

-- Conflicting Information about Yeast Infection Treatment

Conventional wisdom leads to a great controversy about ways of treatment, foods to eat and to avoid..etc, creating a great confusion. You need a clinically tested and proven way of treatment.

-- All Family Members Can Suffer from Yeast Infection

Candida can infect any one and not only women, including men, children, and babies, causing a variety of symptoms as detailed before.

-- Yeast Infection Symptoms are Not Identical for all Individuals

Due to different genetic makeup and environment of individuals, they can suffer different types of symptoms, and different severity of disease.

-- Killing Candida Can Not Cure Yeast Infection

Drugs or probiotic therapy that aim at restoring the normal floral balance, fail to work in the long run simply because the root cause of Candida infection is still ignored.

-- Candida Infection is a Serious Condition

Symptoms of a disease is the warning system of our bodies, and since Candida is an internal problem it has such a wide variety of symptoms. Chronic symptoms and disorders can seriously danger our health.

Pharmaceutical Treatment of Yeast Infection

The most common class of yeast infection drugs include:

* Fluconazole
* Griseofulvin
* Terbinafine
* Gynazole
* Ketoconazole
* Miconazole and Nystatin
* Itraconazole

Taking the above anti-fungal drugs, oral medications and creams can lead to the following common side-effects which include but are not limited to:
- Drowsiness, lack of energy
- Clumsiness, slow reflexes
- Fever
- High blood pressure
- Depression
- Dizziness, light head
- Impaired thinking and judgment
- Tremors
- Nausea, stomach upset
- Anemia
- Blood in urine
- Damage to your intestines and digestive system
- Chest pain
- Liver damage
- Weakened immune system overall
- Hypoglycemia

Holistic Treatment of Yeast Infection

A good holistic treatment plan should make you aware of the following aspects:

- Step by Step easy to understand and implement plan

- The answer as to why you have Yeast Infection and why some people always seem to make their Yeast Infection worse and how you can guarantee to stop it permanently

- Diagnosis of Candida Yeast Syndrome: How is Candida diagnosed using CSDA, Live Cell Microscopy, Antigen Levels, Immune Assays and The Symptom Score Questionnaire

- How to prevent yeast infections and maintain a Candida infection free environment

- The nutritional foundations to fight-yeast program. Foods to eat and foods to avoid

- The importance of Probiotics and prebiotics in the treatment of candida yeast infection

- Natural hormonal balancing supplement that you should always take on a daily basis

- Rebuilding your main organs of elimination and its effect on your yeast infection condition

- How to cleanse heavy metals

- The disturbing connection between an unbalanced body and Yeast Infection and what you can do to bring your body back into balance quickly

- Method of getting rid of internal system blockage and allowing your body to strengthen, heal and fortify itself

- How to prevent the recurrence of Candida yeast infection

- Herbs that empower your body's self-immune mechanism and cleansing abilities

- Immune Supporters and Suppressors

- The importance of the acid-alkaline balance and food allergens in fighting yeast infection

- Why no special diet, anti-fungal or detox program will ever cure your Yeast Infection

- The connection between physical activity and Yeast Infection

- Fast Action Vaginal Yeast Infection remedies that can eliminate Vaginal rash, redness and itching almost Instantly


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    • profile image

      Candy Cane 6 years ago

      Yes, it's true, men can get yeast infections too. and not just thrush, the oral yeast infection that is common in men who are immune compromised. Men can get penile yeast infections, and although i've never had one myself, I hear it's not pleasant. Not only that, but heterosexual couples who have unprotected sex can pass yeast infections back and forth endlessly, so it seems like it might be a good idea to learn more about male yeast infections and get your boy cleaned up if there's reason to suspect he has a yeast infection of his own.

    • profile image

      Candy Cane 6 years ago

      @ Red Hawk - Do your research before running your mouth. Men carry around yeast infections in the tip of there penis and give it to different women and don't even know they have it.

    • profile image

      Tajammal 6 years ago

      Try this solution than anything else..

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 7 years ago from Egypt

      Hi Red Hawk,

      Isn't it better that you read well the hub? Yeast infects all!!

    • Red Hawk profile image

      Red Hawk 7 years ago

      Yeast knows well where to live, women are stinky!!

    • vinosthekiller profile image

      vinosthekiller 7 years ago


      I am on this program for 2 weeks and the results are marvelous!!