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Yoga: A Reflection on My Ten Year Practice

Updated on November 30, 2012

It's Never Too Late

Don't Ever Give Up On Your Practice! This sentence may sound like simple words of encouragement; but when I begin to reflect upon my ten-year-old yoga practice, the statement becomes mantra.

I began my yoga practice at the age of thirty-two after shedding sixty pounds. I was looking for a form of exercise that strengthened my spirit and mind as well as my body. Yoga seemed like a natural fit for my life. I soon found this assumption to be correct; however, it took time to truly understand the concept of yoga.

Like most individuals, my first experience with yoga left me with self-doubt as I harshly judged my limitations. Each encounter on my yoga mat became an intense competition with my own body as I struggled with various poses. I envied the flexibility of other yoga practitioners. I could not understand why I wobbled in tree pose or why my heels could not touch the ground in dog pose. My frustration with my body's imperfections grew.

I think the experience described in the above paragraph explain the feelings that many people have when they first practice yoga. After two or three weeks, people give up out of frustration. I was at this point, but I continued my practice. I made up my mind to pursue yoga. I accepted the fact that my form was not perfect and I accepted my body's limitations. Eventually, I began to realize that my practice was MY PRACTICE. This journey was my journey. I only needed to do what my body needed to do, and the people around me were doing what their bodies needed them to do. To compare my practice to the practice of another student was self-defeating and irrelevant. This path was my path.

The above revelation was the spark of encouragement that I needed to began a spiritually and physically nourishing yoga practice. Beginning yogis must learn acceptance because a practice that is lacking in the area of self-acceptance will never be fulfilling. Ten years later, I am still practicing and I still make self-acceptance a vital part of my practice.

Over the years my practice has changed in various ways. There are times when I am a devoted student. I crave time on the mat and enjoy the pleasure that comes from a regular practice. There have also been times when I am sluggish and I may go for weeks without making time for a regular practice. Regardless of how I approach my practice on any given day, I always try not to judge my actions too harshly and I never give up. Dry spells may come and go, but I know that I will return to my mat when I am ready.

If you are starting a regular practice, I encourage you to keep trying if you find that you are struggling. Eventually, you will make your yoga practice YOUR PRACTICE. If you are going through a dry spell and have not recently spent time on your mat, try a few simple poses to get back into the feeling of yoga.

Wherever you are in your practice - Don't Ever Give Up!


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      This one is ever so interesting. I have never tried yoga and to be honest didn't know much about it;until now that is.

      Here's to taking it up maybe.

      Thanks for sharing.