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Yoga Asanas and Benefits - Simple Yoga Poses

Updated on July 11, 2012

Yoga originated in India several thousand years back. The sage and philosopher Panini, wrote yoga sutras which contain 195 verses. It is the foundational text of yoga. It is meant to integrate all aspects of an individual, body with mind and the mind with soul. It is considered to be holistic therapy. The aim of yoga is to achieve a happy, well balanced, useful and spiritually well integrated life. It is generally believed yoga is a form of exercise. But it is a way of life. Yoga asanas are a variety of poses which have wide ranging health benefits. Some simple yoga poses are discussed here.


Yoga Benefits

Yoga asanas are believed to reduce stress, improve concentration and overall health. It helps people to lose weight and improve body flexibility. The practitioners of yoga experience a sense of calm and relaxation. The aging process can be slowed down by the practice of yoga. Regular practice of yoga helps to control and cure a variety of ailments like blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and heart condition. It can also reduce fatigue and help to improve concentration. The different yoga asanas help to tone up different parts of the body. Yoga increases the muscle strength and aids pain prevention. It improves the mental condition. Some yoga asanas bring relaxation and tranquility both to the body and mind. Yoga health benefits are too long to enumerate

Learning Yoga

Thousands of books and videos are available on yoga. But it is better to learn under a teacher (guru). You have to go slowly in the beginning. Don’t push the body too far. The postures can be perfected with constant practice. It is widely practiced as yoga health benefits are wide ranging. Some yoga asanas are simple and the others are quite difficult.

Yoga asanas (poses)

Some yoga asanas can be done in a sitting position and some in the standing position. Some asanas require supine twisting and balancing posture. Some of the most popular asanas are

Surya Namaskar

All yoga sessions begin with this asana. Surya namaskar means bowing to the sun. It is beneficial to the upper part of the body.

Paschimottan Asana

This involves bending the head and touching the nose to the knees and touching the toes with fingers. It is highly beneficial to the back and corrects the disorders of the spine.

Salabha Asana

This is a grasshopper like pose. It is an excellent posture for the lower part of the body.

Sarvang Asana

The word sarvang means all parts of the body. It energizes all parts of the body. This is also called a “shoulder stand posture”

Bhujang Asana

This asana has a serpent like posture. It is said to be an anti-aging remedy. It makes child birth easier for women.

Masya Asana

This is fish a like posture. It is beneficial to neck and shoulder problems. This asana is generally performed after sarvanga asana.

Dhanur Asana

The posture for this asana is like that of a bow. It helps to strengthen joints of the body

Hala Asana

In this asana both legs touch the ground behind the head. It is a highly beneficial asana. It is said to increase sexual powers.

Shava Asana

This is the posture of a dead body. This asana is performed in the last, after performing other asanas. It provides relaxation to the body and mind.

Yoga asanas are numerous. Only some of them have been described here. Yoga health benefits help to keep you away from diseases.


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