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Yoga for Healing

Updated on December 20, 2020

Yoga for healing doesn’t have to be complex to be effective!

Title: Morning Yoga I ~ License: Attribution License ~ Photographer: Shayan (USA)
Title: Morning Yoga I ~ License: Attribution License ~ Photographer: Shayan (USA)

Can I really practice yoga for healing?

Many people wonder if it is really possible to use yoga for healing. One very special aspect of yoga is that ,for a fairly quiet and noncompetitive form of exercise, it has truly tremendous benefits for well being and health.

Who practices yoga? People all over the world, in many different cultures practice yoga. There are many forms of yoga, and it has enjoyed popularity for over 10,000 years. What’s so effective about yoga for healing that causes everybody from naturopaths to medical doctors to practice it, recommend it and endorse it? Simply put, yoga is good for everybody. No matter how old or young, we can all benefit from yoga practice in body, mind and spirit.

Where did yoga come from? In olden days, spiritual people of all kinds practiced yoga as an enhancement of meditation. In modern times, many people practice yoga simply as a way to unwind and enjoy effective physical exercise. Yoga has the power to heal all sorts of ailments both, acute and chronic, because it works at very deep levels within the body. There are many good reasons to practice yoga.

Enjoy yoga for weight loss! It may surprise you to know that yoga can help you lose weight. This is one reason why many people find you a very special and why it is so very popular. When you lose weight would yoga, your body sheds pounds naturally as you gain flexibility and strength. You don’t have to take any drugs or perform dangerous and potentially harmful exercises.

Practice yoga for detoxification! Yoga provides all-natural detoxification benefits without the expense and potential harm caused by faddish detoxification diets and cleansers with “proprietary blends” that do not reveal their true ingredients. When you practice yoga, the deep intake of breath and the increased blood flow help flush toxins from your system and renew and heal your body.

Yoga helps you look younger and feel younger! The natural increase in detoxification and joint lubrication, along with the rejuvenation of your central nervous system and inner organs will give your skin a healthy glow and put a twinkle in your eyes! When you practice yoga’s physical postures known as Asanas, you will build excellent muscle tone, and you’ll become very flexible. In addition, if you have stiffness in your joints, practicing yoga will help you resolve it. If you are older, yoga practice will help you attain and improve your range of motion.

Use yoga for healing and relieving pain! There are a number of reasons why people might experience pain. Among them are:

  • Many hours sitting in front of the computer
  • Recovery from and injury or surgery
  • Chronic illness or health condition
  • Strenuous manual labor
  • Long hours driving
  • Excessive exercise

Become more flexible! When you practice yoga, you increase your flexibility, improve spinal cord and skeletal alignment, and stimulate lubrication of the joints. Your ligaments and tendons will become better lubricated and much more flexible and your muscles will strengthen. Additionally, yoga practice will help your inner organs function well as they are intended to.

Heal with yoga! Yogic breathing can help control allergies and sinus problems, as well as asthma. Yoga practice is beneficial for your central nervous system and calming for your mind. You get stronger lungs and greater breath control when you practice yoga. Yogic breathing helps you will learn to control your breath and make the most of each breath by breathing deeply. In addition to helping treat problems such as asthma, allergies and sinus ailments, yoga can also help in the treatment of chronic maladies such as hormone imbalance, high blood pressure and even thyroid disorders.

Yoga tones your memory! Another added benefit of the increased blood flow and stimulation of the central nervous system provided by yoga is memory improvement. When you breathe deeply, stay relaxed and calm and order your thoughts with yoga practice, you will find yourself less distracted, more alert and better able to remember both the big things in the little things.

Relieve stress with yoga! Both the day-to-day small stuff and major stressors such as diagnosed emotional and mental disorders can be helped with yoga practice. Deep breathing, centering and focus have a tremendous positive affect on emotional distress of all kinds. Phobias, depression, anxiety and simple stress can all be relieved with regular yoga practice.

Yoga is good for what ails you! No matter what condition you are in now, yoga for healing will support and enhance other treatments and therapies and help you attain optimum health!

Copyright:SuzanneBennett:March 20, 2012


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