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How to Lose Weight with Yoga

Updated on March 26, 2013

Weight Loss

As a yoga instructor and as someone who has struggled losing weight I can relate with those who have a difficult time shedding the extra pounds. Most of my life has been spent with a bit of extra weight, but it all changed when I started practicing yoga. I didn't get into yoga to lose weight, nor did I expect the results that I got from practicing, and what I actually gained from taking up yoga was so much more than a tight, fit, body. I am still amazed today at the youthfulness of clients that come in for my services that regularly practice yoga.

It is said that when you reach the age of 30 it is much harder to lose weight, but when I was in my 30's I was practicing yoga regularly and I was thinner than I had been my whole life. I believe that part of why it firms up and makes you look younger is for two main reasons; 1)stretching the body always keeps it supple and pain free, 2)fresh blood and oxygen is brought to different parts of the body that normally wouldn't get them. The act of doing a yoga posture pinches off an area so that blood flow is restricted, but when released blood is able to rush to that area which flushes it with fresh blood and oxygen. The result of doing yoga postures makes you feel energized with a lightness in the body.

The results continue when it comes to other parts of your life. Not only do you look better, but you start choosing foods that "feel" good to your body which means you naturally stop eating the junk and start craving foods that are healthy for you. And, as an added bonus, your mind responds by giving you "feel good" moods so your whole personality seems to be transformed into a positive, healthy, happy individual.

Starting a yoga practice changes your life and brings balance and health to mind, body and spirit. Yoga isn't a religion, but a way of living that is in balance with everything around you and everything that you are.


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