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Yoga Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Updated on March 18, 2013

Finding the right gift for a yoga lover doesn't have to be difficult. Whether a yogi practices for physical, emotional or spiritual reasons, one thing remains the same - every yogi loves yoga. Choosing a yoga centered gift will show the yoga lover in your life that you notice and care. Yoga gifts are both fun and useful, making them an excellent choice for anyone who practices yoga.

When purchasing a gift for a yogi, keep in mind personal preferences and convictions. Many yoga fans are environmentally aware, preferring products that are earth friendly. If this is the case for the yogi you are surprising, look for items that are organic, recycled or green. It is not difficult to find eco-friendly yoga products online and in stores, so it is worth the small effort to buy them.

The following gift ideas are perfect for both men and women who love yoga.

Grippy Yoga Socks and Gloves

Grippy socks and gloves are popular among yogis because they keep hands and feet dry during practice while providing useful traction and support. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics and slip-resistant bottoms to ensure you are gifting the quality of product that your yogi needs. Yoga socks have separated toes to enable toe spreading - often called "yoga toes" - during practice. Cutoff toes and fingers on yoga socks and gloves are also an option, and are frequently a yogi's favorite choice.

Trendy Yoga Pants and Leggings

For the serious yoga lover, workout wear is worn almost as often as regular clothing. Having something new to wear to practice is always fun, and usually something a yogi could use some more of. Chances are the yoga lover in your life already has standard black yoga pants, so colorful pants will make for a happy surprise. Leggings in bright colors are trendy for women, as well as form fitting yoga shorts. Pants in colorful patterns like tie dye and galaxy print are also popular with young women. Men's yoga shorts and pants most often come in black or grey, but orange or blue make excellent gift alternatives.

Stylish Yoga Tops

Stylish yoga tops for women include slouchy long-sleeve tees, draped pullovers and racerback camis. It's all about the details, so look for tops with contrasting stitching, interesting twists and inventive straps. Male yogis wear tanks or t-shirts to practice. Shirts with yoga related images are easy to find online, and make great gifts for men who are into the practice. For both men and women, yoga clothes should be comfortable, allowing for a wide range of movement.

Yoga Sport Tote

For the yogi who practices away from home, a yoga bag or sport tote makes a useful gift. A change of clothes, toiletries for freshening up after class, water bottles and other essentials can be carried to and from yoga lessons in the bag. Yoga specific sport totes are available for both women and men, most featuring a place to tie on and tow a yoga mat.

Massage Items

Yoga is a tranquil workout, but don't let that deceive you - it can also get muscles incredibly sore. Any practicing yogi will appreciate a massage related item. A massage gift certificate or a day at the spa is sure to be a big hit. Home massage kits and products like massage balls, massage stones, therapeutic oils and foam rollers will also be used and loved.

Yoga Inversion Swing

Yoga inversion slings, also called anti-gravity yoga swings, are a cool yoga tool that enables yogis to safely improve their balance, posture and poses. For yogis who are interested in yoga trapeze, an inversion sling is the perfect gift. The swing is especially useful for improving backbends and strengthening the upper arms - definitely a gift every yogi will enjoy.

Surprise the yogi in your life with a yoga gift.
Surprise the yogi in your life with a yoga gift. | Source


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