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Yoga Heals Better Naturally In All Ages

Updated on October 13, 2014

Yoga - The Union For Human Well-Beings

The word "Yoga" comes from a Sanskrit word "Yuj", which means union. Actually yoga is a union of physical, mental and spiritual well-beings of humans of all ages.

Yoga has been practised since thousands of years to maintain optimal health naturally enhancing the efficiency of the function of immune system; boosting the memory power, relieving stress and increasing concentration.


Yoga The Silent Healer

Yoga is considered the silent healer because it brings miraculous results and removes inner unknown ailments without notice. It relieves mental stress and increase concentration.

Yoga should never be considered a scheduled routine as workout to maintain physical and muscular appearance. It is an excellent tool to enhance memory integrating body, mind and breath nourishing physically, mentally and spiritually as well.

In the modern era yoga has become popular among the people the around the globe who are health cautious. Not merely aged but youth and children also participate to keep themselves active and fit.

Lion Pose By Saurabh Raj Giri


Simple Easy And Beneficial Yoga For Kids

The modern lifestyle, competitive schooling process and burden of homeworks impact the kid health and fitness. Regular consumption of fast foods, addiction of watching television and no participation in extra-curricular activities detroit health. So regular practise of yoga reduces stress in kids and helps to grow the level of confidence.

Though there are several yoga poses to keep kids healthy and fit but some of easiest and beneficial yoga poses are: -

You Personal Opinion Always Matters

Do you want to see your child stay fit and healthy forever with yoga practise?

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Yoga Poses For Kids

(A.) Happy Baby Pose - Happy Baby Pose is known as 'Ananda Balasana' in Hindi. It is easy as well as fun yoga. Hence kids prefer to practise it. It improves the function of immune system and strengthens backbone. This yoga pose too, stretches the hamstrings.

(B.) Double Boat Pose - Double Boat Pose is called 'Navasana' that is really a childish yoga to boost immune and relieves stress.

(C.) Ragdoll Pose - Ragdoll pose is known as "Uttanasana" in Hindi. It is an easy yoga pose for kid that relaxes the mind. It too, works excellently to stretch back, neck and legs.

(D.) Lion Pose - Lion Pose is called Simhasana. It is very beneficial for kids because it helps to calm the mind relieving stress.

(E.) Corpse Pose: -The Yoga Pose "Corpse Pose" is called 'Savasana' and it is excellent yoga because it relaxes mind and suppresses tension.

A Book For Kids To Begin Yoga Conveniently

Begin Easily To Stay Fit Longer

Popular Easy And Beneficial Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses
Common Name Of Asana
Perfect Posture
Best for meditation and worship because enhances concentration
Triangle Pose
Makes spiral cord flexible
Butterfly Pose
Beneficial in digestive disorders
Fish Pose
Checks respiratory diseases like Asthma and Pneumonia
Diamond Pose
Makes leg and thigh muscles strong
Locust Pose
Improves digestion

Yoga Asanas For Aged People For Convenient Survival

Yoga For Aged People

Ageing is the natural process and every individual in the mortal world has to undergo the process. During the ageing period human's body loses its efficiency gradually and fails to perform as per need. Even healthy food and nutritious diets do not result better. Hence yoga practise helps the aged people to survive better with enhanced working process of organs.

Selection of yoga poses is quite compulsory for aged people because it should neither be exhaustive nor be tough or extensive to perform.


Take Precautions Before Practising Yoga

Although regular practise of yoga helps to maintain optimal health but if precautions are not taken then it may harm.

(1.) Yoga should be practiced in the supervision of expert yoga teacher.

(2.) Yoga-asana must be practiced with empty stomach.

(3.) During strong winds Yogasana must not be done.

(4.) Never begin with extensive poses.

(5.) Try to maintain the scheduled routine for yoga practise.

Easy To Do Yoga Asanas For Seniors

(A.) Laughter Yoga - Laughter yoga is most convenient and beneficial yogasana for the people above 60. It not only helps to reduce tension but also promotes agility and extra energy.

(B.) Kapalabhati - The yoga asana that helps to cleanse mucus from the respiratory organs. It helps to oxygenate lungs and removes blockages in the chest.

(C.) Corpse Pose - The most relaxing yoga pose that helps to suppress tension bringing peace of mind. Although it is slightly difficult but benefits a lot.

(D.) Cat Pose - Cat Pose is known "Bidalasana" in Hindi. The yogasana initiates its movement from the centre of the body and coordinates with breathing.

Caution - Person with chronic and back pain should not practise cat pose.

(E.) Pranayam - Though people of all ages prefer Pranayam but it excellently helpful to seniors because it helps to check respiratory problems.

Laughter Yoga For Seniors

Yoga - The Natural Miracle

Neither medicine nor food supplements are as beneficial as yoga that helps to keep people of all ages agile, healthy and fit. It is the only natural tool which has proven records of miraculous results. But one cannot deny the fact that it'll never be substitute for medicine.

Disclaimer - Yoga helps to stay healthy it doesn't mean that it is a substitute of any medicine so being healthy it should be continued to remain the same forever. Initially to begin yoga practises one should go under the supervision of expert yoga practitioner.


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