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Yoga New Year's Resolution Ideas

Updated on January 30, 2017
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Mary loves being able to tell her story through her writing, it allows her the freedom to voice her opinions without being silenced.

What is Yoga?

What better time, than the beginning of a new year, to start a new fitness routine. Yoga is absolutely amazing and, believe it or not, probably one of the most addictive, adrenaline-pumping exercises around. There are so many benefits to doing yoga, they have a different move for everything, from back to knee pain.

So what is yoga exactly?

Well, yoga is defined as a Hindu discipline, which trains the consciousness for perfect spiritual insight and peace. Below I will be talking about a couple of beginners yoga poses for some New Year's Resolution ideas.

.....I am not a doctor or an instructor, so please make sure your doctor says it's okay before you add these yoga poses into your daily routine......

Downward Facing Dog

This pose is an amazing stretch for your arms and legs, doing this pose every morning before your daily workout or workday is a good way to wake up and energize your body. As always be careful not to over stretch or pull any muscles, anytime you begin something new it is vital to start slow until you build up your strength. Once you have mastered this move you can start adding back leg lifts or other variations.

You may find it hard to leave your heels on the ground when you first start doing yoga. But I promise with time you should find it easier to keep your heels on the ground.

Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations is an awesome stretch for your back, legs and arms. I usually do this pose at night, I find it really helps me to relax after a long day. This pose is an absolute, beginners pose but like anything else, if done wrong could result in injury. Make sure not to bend down to fast with this pose, or overextend your arms. As you become more advanced you can make the movements a little bigger.

The only thing you might notice when you first start doing this pose is that you may feel a little wobbly or clumsy. This, of course, should go away once you get used to this pose.


The plank pose is incredible for strengthening and toning your entire body. The plank involves using almost every muscle in your body to hold the pose. I try to do this at least three times a week to really work on training and strengthening my core, which is my problem area. It is very important not to do more than your body can handle, so if this pose is a little too hard for you at first, just drop your knees to the ground, kind of the same way you would if you were doing what they call the "girlie pushup. " Once you get the hang of this move and become stronger, you can even add some advanced movements, like arm or leg raises.


L-Shaped Handstand

This introverted yoga pose is great for improving circulation and building upper body strength. This is an excellent alternative to regular handstands. I try to do this pose at least two to three times a week to help improve my core strength.

The first few times you do this pose you may notice it is a little too challenging and if that is the case skip this pose. Yoga is meant to help improve your body not cause damage, never do more than your body can handle.


Beginner Backbends

This yoga pose is great for stretching your back and chest. This is not a move you want to jump right into, but it is definitely one I recommend you give a try if your wanting a great stretch and challenge. You may not be able to do this pose all the way through the first few times you try it, but with practice it will get easier.

You want to make sure that you don't try to do this move before your body is ready or you could risk being injured. A great yoga instructor can teach you the proper way to do this move and all the other moves above.

Be Careful

As with any other kind of fitness routine yoga needs to be done a certain way to prevent pain and injury. Never overexert yourself and always ask a physician before trying anything new.


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    • prettynutjob30 profile image

      Mary 4 years ago from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet.

      Thank you for your comment sunilkunnoth, yoga is so detrimental to helping one keep a clear mind and spirit.

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 4 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      I am too pleased on one thing that I am from the land of Yoga and yogees. Every Indians are proud of its rich heritage and culture. Their ancestors inventions have done lot of magic to the world and it ultimately lead to a peaceful life. You have written well. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    • prettynutjob30 profile image

      Mary 4 years ago from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet.

      Thank you guys for commenting, lucyanne64, I wish I looked as graceful as the people in the videos but unfortunately I look kind of like a clumsy deer when I do yoga, I fall so much. I still do it though and hopefully with time I will look as graceful as the other people who have been doing it for a while.

    • profile image

      lucyanne64 4 years ago

      You look so beautiful and graceful doing the poses. I always thought yoga was god's way of seeing what I would look like as a pretzel. Answer: not so great, I fall over :D

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 4 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      I've thought about trying yoga. I think it would be helpful. I love how you spell out the basic poses for beginners. Awesome hub!

    • prettynutjob30 profile image

      Mary 4 years ago from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet.

      Thank you for commenting kidscrafts, I have heard about "laughing yoga, " I read a hub about it a couple of weeks ago, I will have to give it a try.

    • kidscrafts profile image

      kidscrafts 4 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      I try to do about 20 minutes of yoga every evening before going to bed; I find that quite relaxing!

      Did you ever heard of "laughing yoga"? I try to find a good sample of it on the internet to add to my 20 minutes routine.

      I try to go back to pilates once a week as well.... and that's how I discovered that was so out of shape.... I keep working on it :-) I find that there are things in common with yoga.

    • prettynutjob30 profile image

      Mary 4 years ago from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet.

      Thank you SweetiePie for commenting it really makes your body feel amazing. Yoga really helps to ease the pain of everyday muscle tension as well.

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 4 years ago from Southern California, USA

      I have thought about trying yoga, but never did. It does look quite relaxing.

    • prettynutjob30 profile image

      Mary 4 years ago from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet.

      Thank you billy buc, I started doing yoga a little while back, It is really relaxing and grounding.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I do yoga daily and love it. Nice job explaining some of the basic positions.