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Yoga Poses and Pranayamas for Your Acidity Problem

Updated on October 5, 2019
adamlee909 profile image

I gain all this experience by going to yoga class. I wish to become a certified yoga trainer one day.


People who are suffering from acidity know it very well that how frustrating it is. It becomes more frustrating when you try so many things but still, you don’t get relief.

But don’t worry my friends, because in this article I am going to share some Yoga poses and pranayamas for you, that will help you to get rid of this problem of acidity and gas.

Do these yoga poses and pranayamas on a daily basis for at least 2-3 weeks to get rid of this problem.

Because I see a lot of people who kept doing yoga poses or pranayamas for 2-3 days and say that it doesn’t work.

My friend, you need to understand that yoga and pranayama are the ways that take time but heals the problem forever. If you do it daily even you can rid of your problem.

The last thing that I want to tell you is that read all precautions of each pose carefully.

Top 4 Yoga poses and 3 Pranayamas for Your Acidity problem

1. Plough pose ( Halasana )

2. Camel pose ( Ushtrasana )

3. Wind relieving pose ( Pavanamuktasana )

4. Bow pose ( Dhanurasana )

5. Nadi Shodhan pranayama ( Alternate Nostril Breathing )

6. Skull shining breathing ( Kapalbhati Pranayama )

7. Bellows breathing ( Bhastrika Pranayama )

Now let’s see these poses and pranayamas in detail, First, we will see that poses then after that we will see the pranayamas.

1. Plough pose ( Halasana )

First on our list is a pose known as Plough and Halasana here “Hala” means Plough and “asana” means Pose.

When you perform this pose you will start to feel an instant relieve in your acidity problem.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. In the beginning, lie down on a flat floor or mat in a corpse pose.

  2. Now from there joint your both legs and raise them.

  3. Take your legs right over your head and try to touch the floor with your toes.

  4. Join your both hands, this will give you a good stretch to your abdominal area and hams.

  5. Keep this pose for at least 10-15 seconds as a beginner but as you progress you can enhance your time.


People who have an injury in their back, neck or in the shoulder, also if you have a problem of slipped disc, hernia, sciatica spleen, enlarged thyroid and if you suffer from frequent headache should not perform this pose. Women who are pregnant must not perform this pose.

2. Camel pose ( Ushtrasana )

Ushtrasana consists of two Sanskrit words i.e. Ushrat means camel and asana mean pose.

Ushtrasana is an amazing asana for acidity, it is a basic yoga asana. Anyone can do this asana. This asana makes your spine and back muscles stronger.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. Sit on your knees on the floor and your toes touching the floor, keep your palms on your hips.

  2. Inhale deeply and slowly slide your palms from your hips to the heels.

  3. In this way, all your body weight will be on your hands.

  4. Now feel your body making an arc. In this position, you are stretching your abdominal muscles and your chest muscles.

  5. Hold your body in this position for 30 seconds and then release it.


If you are a woman who is pregnant then don’t try it. People who have neck, back or injury, migraine, insomnia, low blood pressure problems should also avoid this asana.

3. Wind relieving pose ( Pavanamuktasana )

This pose is known as wind relieving pose and in Sanskrit, it is known as Pavanamuktasana it consists of three words first is “Pavan” means Air next “Mukta” which means Freedom and three is Asana which means pose.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. Lie down on a flat mat or floor in the beginning.

  2. Then take a deep breath and lift both legs at the same time, but if you are not able to lift them at the same time lift them one by one.

  3. Now hug your knees with your arms, don’t hug too hard that could hurt your abdominal muscles.

  4. Lift your neck at the same time too.

  5. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds then release it.


Women who are pregnant must not perform this pose, people who have neck, knee and shoulder injury then you can avoid this pose.

4. Bow pose ( Dhanurasana )

Dhanurasana consists of two Sanskrit words i.e. Dhanur means bow and asana mean pose. This pose is also good to stretch your lower back muscles.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. Lie flat on your stomach and put arms beside your body. Keep your legs 2 feet apart from each other.

  2. Now fold your knees and hold your ankle joints.

  3. Inhale deeply and raise your chest and legs.

  4. Keep breathing normally and keep a gentle smile on your face.

  5. Hold this position for 20 seconds and then release it.


This pose must not be performed by women who are pregnant.

People who have a high blood pressure problem, hernia, migraine, neck or back injury, the abdominal ulcer should also avoid this asana.


Now lets some pranayamas for acidity.

1. Nadi Shodhan pranayama ( Alternate Nostril Breathing )

Anulom Vilom is also known as the alternate nostril exercise. Because both the nostrils are involved in this Pranayama so it helps to clean the nostrils, Nadis, and sinus. Anulom Vilom is not only beneficial for the respiratory system but also beneficial for the activation of your brain and also helps in your acidity problem.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. Sit erect keeping your spine and head straight.

  2. Keep the left palm on your left knee in Gyan mudra and with the thumb of your right hand close your right nostril.

  3. First, exhale slowly the impure air from your left nostril and empty your lungs. Slowly inhale the fresh air from the left nostril and fill your lungs with that.

  4. Now close your left nostril with the ring finger of your right hand and exhale slowly from your right nostril.

  5. While doing the breathing exercise you should keep in mind, that the speed of exhaling must be twice slower than that of inhaling. This technique improves your concentration and also calm your body.


Exhaling and inhaling from the left nostril keeping the right side of your brain active. And so as for the left when doing it with your right nostril. Anulom Villom is also very beneficial with common cold and cough. It is also very beneficial for you in the acidity problem. This exercise boosts the immunity of your body.

2. Skull shining breathing ( Kapalbhati Pranayama )

Kapalbhati means the skull shine exercise because it purifies your skin and gives a natural glow to your face and forehead. It is very beneficial in the acidity problem. It is practiced a bit like Bhastrika but they are still two different pranayamas.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. Sit in an erect position with your back and neck straight.

  2. Slowly inhale the air and fill your lungs to their capacity and start feeling your stomach muscles and relax.

  3. Now quickly release the air by your stomach muscles with a burst.

  4. This exercise throws the whole toxic air out of your lungs.

  5. Keep doing it for two minutes and then relax your lungs.


It removes toxins from your body and purifies your body. This pranayama is great in your acidity problem, It also relaxes your eye muscles and reduces dark circles. Practicing this exercise daily improves your concentration.

3. Bellows breathing ( Bhastrika Pranayama )

This breathing exercise is also known as the bellows breath. This pranayama cleans you Nadis, nostrils, and sinus. This pranayama warms up your lungs and respiratory system for the breathing exercises, therefore, I prefer you to do this pranayama at first.

So that you can warm up your lungs and respiratory before performing other pranayamas.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. Sit in Padmasana and start focusing on your breaths.

  2. Start inhaling deeply and exhaling deeply. Expand your lungs to the fullest and fill them with air and after two or three-second exhale all the air out forcefully. Do this for one minute to settle your lungs.

  3. Now speed the whole process of inhaling and exhaling. While exhaling the power should come from the diaphragm.

  4. You should always keep your head steady while doing this pranayama.

  5. Some people make faces while doing this exercise but you should always keep a gentle smile on your face while doing any pranayama.

  6. Do this pranayama for at least five minutes and then rest your lungs gently.


If anytime you feel stressed out then you can try Bhastrika Pranayama to get rid of your acidity problem too. This exercise gives you peace of mind. Bhastrika is also helpful in common cold and asthma.


So these were yoga poses and pranayamas that will help you to get rid of the acidity problem. As I mentioned earlier that do these yoga poses and pranayamas on a daily basis for at least 2-3 weeks.If you do these poses and pranayamas for 2-3 weeks and make habit of doing yoga poses and pranayamas every day. I am telling you that you will never face this problem again.


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