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Yoga Retreat in Lake George, New York

Updated on July 31, 2017
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Lena Kovadlo is a writer for various content-sharing websites. She's the author of 12 books and helps other authors publish theirs.

Lake George, New York
Lake George, New York

I have never been into yoga but when I was invited to a yoga treat in Lake George, New York I decided to check it out. I had nothing to lose. Besides, I wanted to get away from the NYC and this was a great reason to do it.

The commute to Lake George was between four to five hours (including stops), which wasn't that bad considering that I had just gotten back from a trip to Ontario Canada (St. Catherines), which took eight to nine hours of travel time.

There were about thirty people in the retreat but only six cottages were rented. It was obvious that there weren't enough beds for everyone to sleep in, which meant people had to share beds. This wasn't right. Strangers shouldn't have to sleep in the same bed together... I was going to complain about that to the organizers but there really wasn't anything that I could do. So, for two nights I had to share a bed, which was smaller than a queen size bed, with a middle-aged woman I had never met before. That didn't sit well with me at all but I had no choice. Well, I could have slept on the living room couch but it was so uncomfortable that I had to resort to the bed. I probably wouldn't have gone to the retreat had I known the sleeping arrangements ahead of time.

The food at the retreat was not the best thing I've ever ate but it wasn't that bad. It was all healthy food like quinoa, green leaves, tofu, veggies, healthy soups, etc. There was no meat, no fish, no eggs. Though there was cow milk and only because there were kids at the retreat. Since yoga is geared towards good health and well being, it is not surprising that the food was of a healthy kind.

Bonnie View on Lake George - Bolton Landing, New York

The place I stayed at for the yoga retreat was called Bonnie View (on Lake George) in Bolton Landing, New York. There were many cottages there that were fairly cozy and roomy inside with a fully equipped kitchen, but seeing as I didn't have to cook that didn't really matter for me. There was a pool on the premises that wasn't that big. Some would complain about the size but since I don't like to swim in the pool it made no difference to me.

The territory also has basketball courts, a tennis court, and swing sets, and there was plenty of space to walk around and even jog. The best thing on the territory however was Lake George and the view around it. There was a small area with beach chairs to lounge in and wooden chairs to sit in. There were boats (with oars) people could rent as well to take out onto the lake. Swimming on the lake was allowed. The water was clear and pleasant to the body. I should have taken a swim or two when I had the chance but was too lazy to change into my swimsuit.

The view from the lake was breathtaking as the lake was surrounded by lots of greenery and beautiful skies above. There was even a small island in the middle of the lake. I wish I could have gone there. I was curious to see what's there. But I don't know how to swim nor would I go on a boat alone so I have to leave it to my imagination...

Taking Yoga Classes...

It is a great experience doing yoga outdoors than doing it inside the four walls but it is hard stuff I tell you. At least it was for me. The class turned out to be advanced yoga and I can't consider myself even a begginer since I have never done yoga in my life. It was very hard for me to catch up to everyone. We had just finished the first move/position and everyone was already moving on to the second one. There was no time to catch a breath or relax for anyone.

The class tired me out a lot. There were some yoga moves I couldn't master as I am not that flexible but I did give them a try though. I took breaks during the class because God knows what would have happened to me if I kept at it non-stop. It was my first time after all and I couldn't do it all the first time around. Too much strain on the body. But taking those breaks didn't sit well with me though because no one else took breaks and it made me feel like I am well behind the rest of the pack. That wasn't a good feeling to have. And I am sure people in my situation would probably feel the same way.

After taking this yoga class I only took one more class and that one was a shorter one and less stressful for me. And it proved to be more fun as well. I didn't take other yoga classes because I felt I wasn't ready for those and neither was my body. And those classes were clearly not beginner classes so it was best to sit them out. I did take a breathing class, which was out by the lake and that was rather enjoyable I must say.

Now that the retreat is over and I am back home I can't say if I will be going on more yoga retreats or taking up yoga seriously but that is not to say that I won't be taking a class or two sometime. We'll see what happens.

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