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Yoga a Great Exercise to Increase Flexability

Updated on June 30, 2009

For many people getting to increase their flexability is always a huge challenge. However, many people might not realize just how easy it can be to do this with just a few minutes each day. Now you might even think that Yoga is just an exercise that women do, but I know quite a few guys that do Yoga on a regular basis and it has helped them improve in their everyday life as well. Now here are some great reasons why you will enjoy doing Yoga as well.

Yoga is a great exercise for improving your flexability that many people have already discovered. However, not everyone realizes just how much it can improve your flexability or how quickly it can improve your flexability. I know that I have done Yoga before and can tell a huge difference in how much I am able to bend and lean compared to what I could just a little while before I started doing Yoga. Which is really nice because now it no longer hurts to bend over and pick things up and I am able to reach items a lot better on the floor compared to what I used to be able to do.

The second reason why I really like doing Yoga is because it is really low impact. I know that many people I know that for me I am able to do Yoga and that I do not have to worry about some of the high impact weight lifting that some people do to bulk up. I know that even with Yoga I am able to build up my muscles just at a slower and gentler pace so I do not get what some people refer to man muscles.

Now while you might not even realize that you are able to do Yoga you can. All that you have to do is start off slowly. The slower you start off the less chance you have for injury. I know that for me I love being able to do Yoga and try increasing my flexability a little more each day. Which can be easily accomplished with the aid of videos or the Nintendo Wii Fit and the Yoga program that it has.


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