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Yoga Poses for Seniors

Updated on September 19, 2019
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I gain all this experience by going to yoga class. I wish to become a certified yoga trainer one day.

Top 5 yoga poses for seniors

According to a quote " Age is just a number ". It so true, but when it comes to physical fitness most old people think, it is only a thing of young people not for old or senior people.

All I can say fitness is for everyone who wants to live long and healthy, but yes if we talk about senior people like 55-70 years old, it is very risky for them if they try to lift heavy weights, which could cause bad injury.

But there is a good physical activity that senior people can easily perform with no risk, And that is yoga.

Yes, Yoga is one of the best ways to keep your body fit and healthy even if you are 60 or 75 years old.

In this blog, I am going to tell you about some great yoga poses for senior people and also I will separate them in 2 levels like for beginners. I have mentioned beginner level pose and for those who are intermediate or people who are doing yoga for 3 months.

Top 5 yoga poses for seniors ( Beginner Level )

So as I mentioned earlier that I have separated Yoga according to the level, these Top 5 poses can be performed by an absolute beginner or a beginner ( Doing yoga for 1 month)

1. Mountain poses

This asana's name comprises of two Sanskrit words, for example, tada and asana. Here tada mean mountain and asana means pose.

I have put Tadasana on this rundown since it is an essential asana and furthermore before doing some other asana it sort of warm-up your body.

It adjusts your body and shows you how to have tolerance throughout everyday life. Also, how to stay in the moment.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. Start by standing upstanding with some space between your feet.

  2. Presently acquire your hands in front of your body and interlock your fingers.

  3. Stretch your arms over your head by breathing in profoundly, presently balance your body on the toes by raising your heels.

  4. Feels the muscles of your body tight, hold your body in this situation for 15-20 seconds.

  5. Discharge your body by breathing out and return to the ordinary position.


This pose should not perform by people who have Varicose veins, low blood pressure problems, insomnia, knee injury. Women who are pregnant must not perform these poses.

2. Child pose

Balasana comprises of two Sanskrit words, for example, Bala implies kid and asana meaning posture.

This asana is also known as the child's pose as it resembles a child doing some activity.

It gives you profound unwinding and fortifies the entire body. This posture additionally massages your abdominal muscles and organs, adrenal organs and kidney.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. Bow down on the floor like you are laying on your heels.

  2. Breathe out and start bowing forward gradually, place your torso between your thighs.

  3. Keep your temple level on the floor and your hands resting forward in a straight line of your knees.

  4. Feel the gravitational force and feel the stretch on your tailbone.


This pose must not be performed by women who are pregnant, people who have knee or back or ankle injury, and who has diarrhea problem.

3. Bound angle pose

It causes you to reinforce and extend your inward thigh and your crotch muscles, It is an extraordinary posture if you have pain problems in your inner thighs or groin muscles.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. At the outset, sit on the floor and twist your knee.

  2. Presently touch the bottom of your feet. after that fall your knee to the side, and hold your feet.

  3. Lean forward as much as you can without twisting the back.


This pose should not be performed by people who have knee or hip injury, inflammation problems. Women who are pregnant should not perform this pose.

4. Cobra pose

This is one of the best yoga poses because it helps to make your spine flexible and also if you have a little bit of pain in your back it reduces that.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. Start with a lying level on your stomach and stretch your toes leaving no space between your lower leg joint and floor.

  2. Carry your arms to the level of your shoulder.

  3. Presently place the body weight on your arms, gradually breathe in and raise your body.

  4. Stretch your neck marginally in reverse.

  5. Hold this asana for 15 seconds

  6. You should keep your elbows somewhat twisted.


If you have any spine injury or wrist injury then you should avoid this stretch. Pregnant women should also exclude this asana. In case of any medical emergency, you should consult your doctor.

5. Corpse pose

This posture is excellent for you, why? Because it helps you to manage your thought and if you do it with focus you can tackle your difficulties.

Because it is a sort of reflection pose where you can think clearly.

It gives your entire body to utilize the benefits of the yoga exercise, and rest your mind and body.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. Set down on your back, and presently slightly left your legs released to the side.

  2. After that flop your hands at the sides with the palms facing up, close your eye.

  3. Now set your entire focus on relaxing each part of your body.


This pose doesn't contain any serious precautions, you just need to make sure that you are doing this pose in a silent atmosphere to get more benefits.

Top 5 yoga poses for seniors ( little hard )

Now, these top 5 poses are for those who have been doing yoga for 3-6 months, I don’t recommend these pose for absolute beginners.

1. Downward facing pose

Downward facing dog aka Adho Mukha Svanasana is an incredible pose that can assist you with strengthening your shoulder and arms and furthermore, it conditions your midriff and center muscles.

It produces bloodstream to your cerebrum, extends your hams and calves and gives a fine stretch to your spine as well.

This posture encourages you to quiet your brain, it opens your shoulder, extends your spine, and causes you to extend your legs.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. To begin this yoga posture, you have to get down on your hands and feet like a pooch( dog ).

  2. After that bring your both hands forward a bit.

  3. Presently tuck your toes and raise your butt up and back.

  4. If you can straighten your legs in that form then do it but if you can't, do not try it.

  5. Then squeeze your fingers and palm in the ground or floor.

  6. Turn your both shoulders outwards and engage your thigh muscles.


People who have knee or ankle injury, back or wrist injury should not perform this pose. Women who are pregnant should not perform these poses.

2. Tree pose

Tree pose is a little bit challenging pose, why? Because when you perform it you have to be very focused and concentrated otherwise you will lose your balance again and again.

If you won’t be focused you won’t be able to perform this pose.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. It begins with the mountain pose.

  2. Then start making prayer posture with your hands.

  3. Afterward, band your right or left leg pick one and placed it on your inner thigh ( under your knee), make your spine straight.

  4. Now keep this position for 8-10 breathe then you can release it.


People who have high or low Blood pressure, vertigo, knee or ankle pain, insomnia, pregnant should not perform this pose.

3. Legs up the wall pose

Viparita Karani is two Sanskrit words, for example, Viparita means modified and Karani means doing, this asana is also known as the legs up the wall pose.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. Spot an empty wall and lie close to.

  2. Now gently push and lay down on your back opposite the wall with your legs leaning on the wall and feet toward the roof.

  3. You'll have to modify your frame many times to get into the ideal form.

  4. Raise your hips somewhat and set a pillow or a soft cloth under them or you can give support them by your hands.

  5. Hold your body in this form for 1-2 minute while breathing normally. when you complete your one-minute get back to the previous position.


If you are a person suffering from a high blood pressure problem, going through menstruation then you should avoid this asana.

Women who are pregnant should not perform this pose.

4. Bridge pose

Setubandhasana is a Sanskrit word consist of three Sanskrit words i.e. Setu indicates bridge, bandh indicates to lock and asana indicates the pose.

Setubandhasana is aka ( also known as ) the bridge posture in English as this pose relates to the structure of a bridge.

This pose expands your neck and back muscles to rest them.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. To Begin with this pose you need to lie on a flat floor by your back.
  2. Now bow your knees and put your toes and knees in a straight path.

  3. Place your hands near your body and your palms facing downward.

  4. Gently raise your back with the help of your thighs. Ensure that the chin is touching the chest.

  5. Push your hands against the floor and attempt to raise your back a bit higher.

  6. Keep your body in this posture for 30-50 seconds. Remember to breathe regularly.

  7. Then discharge gradually and get back to normal form.


This pose must not be performed by people who have neck or back injury, knee or shoulder injury. This pose should not be practiced during pregnancy.

5. Triangle pose

Trikonasana is comprised of two Sanskrit words i.e. Trikon and asana. Here Trikon indicates triangle because this yoga asana looks like a triangle.

This yoga asana is to support the body and also if you perform this pose with the speed it becomes efficient to lose weight.

Practice this pose in the morning to get the maximum results.

Trikonasana stretches the pelvic muscles, spine, and hamstrings.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  1. In the beginning, make a mountain pose, open up your legs little bit ( 3 feet).

  2. Presently gradually drive your right hand on the right leg by breath in and begin curling towards your right.

  3. Afterward, drive your right hand until it touches the ankle but don't put pressure on your body reach as much as you can.

  4. Lift the left-hand at the same time right towards the ceiling S.T. ( Such that ) left and right-hand makes a straight line.

  5. Congratulations, you are so near to make a complete trikonasana.

  6. Now see straight to the left palm and keep this pose for at least 10-20 seconds.

  7. Gradually turn the entire method and get back to the regular position by breath in, repeat the entire method for the left side too.


People who are suffering from neck, back or hip injury should avoid this pose. Women who are pregnant also avoid it.


I am mentioning it again Intermediate poses are not for absolute beginners or beginners, because these poses are a little bit tough.

Stick to the poses I have mentioned in the beginners level point, do them at least for 2-3 months then slowly progress to these poses.

If you try these poses without making your foundation good, it can cause a bad injury and with senior people, they get back pain very fast so again for people who are a beginner or an absolute beginner should not perform the intermediate level pose.

Senior people who are doing yoga for 3-6 months consistency can perform intermediate level poses.


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