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Updated on December 6, 2015


The word yoga is originated from the sanskrit word "yug" which means joining. It also has a second meaning saying concentrating on one thing. The proofs of yoga practices are found from the ancient civilizations like mohan jodharo and harappa. The statues which are in yoga poses are found from the ancient civilizations. These statues existed in B.C 2500. So, yoga must have existed since then.. which is 5000 years before now

There is evidence to show that the Harappans practiced Yoga. Given below are several clay figurines from sites like Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro and others showing various Yogic postures. Yoga is essentially Vedic
There is evidence to show that the Harappans practiced Yoga. Given below are several clay figurines from sites like Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro and others showing various Yogic postures. Yoga is essentially Vedic | Source

Different branches of yoga

There are several branches of yoga. The main two branches are "Hadayoga" and "Rajayoga"

Hadayoga targets purity of body, health and increased life span while Rajayoga specialize in mind control and concentration

Influence of yoga in the body

The "ASANAS" which are called the poses of yoga or yoga exercises are made to improve the mental and physical health of human. The yoga exercise can affect positively to both the interior and exterior organs of our body. No exercise can be peaceful life yoga that can join the mind and body which brings a healthy and happy life.

Curing of diseases

Like the health of the human mind, yoga is also a good treatment for heart patients, asthma patients. Studies proved that it can lower the hyper blood pressure, diabetes and cure mental pressures, sexual problems, sleeping disorders.

Things to keep in mind

In yoga science, when we compare mind and body the more importance should be given to mind. Because only a stabilized mind can own a good body. So keep in mind that it is essential to maintain peace of mind while practicing yogasanas. To get the peace of mind we have to be in a state of mind called yama(means the right living). It is a rule that before we do yoga poses or asanas we should be in yama. To be in yama our mind should not fill with thoughts of greed, jealous, revenge, lust. It is very difficult for a beginner to be in state of yama. We should avoid the bad thoughts and fill the mind with good thoughts like patience, activeness, kindness, tolerance. Concentration on good thoughts and be on the state of yama is very importance in yoga practice,

Food Style

Yoga science says food can affect not only the body but also the state of mind. The food can influence our mind by influencing brain. So food style should be adopted for better health of mind. The food that make our body to work hard should be avoided because this make our interior organs o become weak by over working to purify our body. It can also affect our state of mind. Yoga science suggest vegetarian life style than the non-vegetarian life style. To acquire the essence of yoga, a strict food diet is suggested with lot of fruits,vegetables and pulses.

Some important things

Yogasanas should be performed ina place where there is lot of fresh air and oxygen. The place should be free of any equipments or things which attract the concentration of mind of the person. The environment must be peaceful, it create more powerful focus of mind.

As per the wish yoga can be practiced morning or evening. Yoga should be practiced with empty stomach. if you drink one glass of water, you have to wait for half our. If you eat food you have to wait 4 hours. Filled stomach can cause cramps in stomach.

30 minutes rest should be taken after yoga. The best time for yoga in morning is between 5 to 8 a.m and evening is 5 to 8 p.m.

the yoga practiser should not over fill the stomach. Yoga science say that a yoga practicing person should fill his stomach 1/2 food.,1/4 food and 1/4 should empty. This helps to prevent the over use of digestion system.

Always do yogasanas slowly, never practice in speed.Never do yoagasanas in pain. The flexibility should be acquired slowly by time.

Always do atleast 6 asanas or poses. without doing atleast 6 yoga poses exercise is incomplete. Some yoga poses like padhma,vagra,badhra,upavishtakona can produce pain blow the hip. This is common and there is nothing to worry.

Any aged people can practice yoga....

Breathing exercise before yoga

Breathing exercise is a very important factor before starting yoga. It allows the air to fill our lungs, increase blood flow and make replenished. before starting yoga we should perform atleast 4 deep breathing.

Breathing exercise position
Breathing exercise position

Performing Breathing exercise

Lie full stretched on the yoga mat on the floor facing upwards. The hands should be stretched above head without any bent or bow. The body must be perfectly straight.

Breath in slowly. after 3 seconds breath out.

One cycle of the breathing is finished. Perform the cycle 10 times on first day and increase the number of cycles in succeeding days. Air flow must be done by nose only. It should be performed very slow and intense.



Shavasana is the pose that resembles to dead body. It is the simplest and easy pose of yoga. Working body and mind needs rest. Shavasana can provide rest to both mind and body and make everything calm. Shavasan can be performed between job period. It make the mind and body to work further.

Performing shavasana

Lie on the floor bye relaxing both mind and body. Let the muscles be in rest. the legs must be touched as thee way which toes are apart. hands should be in rest apart from body. head should face upwards straight. eyes should be half closed. The important thing is to avoid sleeping.!



Padhamasana resembles a Lotus which is open. This is one of the important asanas or poses. Padhamasana can make mind stable and give peace to mind. Padhamasan is famous for its healing power for the fatigue. padhmasana can performed anytime.

Performing padhmasana

Sit on the floor or on a mat with legs stretched out in front of you while keeping the spine erect.Bend the right knee and place it on the left thigh. Make sure that the sole of the feet point upward and the heel is close to the abdomen.Now, repeat the same step with the other leg.With both the legs crossed and feet placed on opposite thighs, place your hands on the knees in mudra position.Keep the head straight and spine erect.Hold and continue with gentle long breaths in and out.




Vajrasana , "vajra Pose", is a sitting asana in yoga. It is a kneeling position sitting on the heels. It can increase digestion, It can be performed after having food. If stomach is overfilled, this pose can speed up digestion. Also it makes small and large intestine to work properly.


Place the left elbow then right elbow on the floor slowly.

Slowly bend backside and place the backside and head on the floor. Put aside your hands on the body

Your body should touch the floor, knee joints must nearer to each other. Newly started persons can put their hands on the thigh.

By getting proper position in this pose, fold the hands by facing upwards-like scissors state, put the hands under the shoulder.

Keep the right hand under the left shoulder; vice versa keep the left hand under the right shoulder. In between the two hands keep the head.

To return to normal state remove the hands one by one and keep it besides of the body then be in the vajrasana state by stretching the elbows.




Bhujangasana pose is very good for people who works on table. their back bone will bow very often. This pose helps them to revert them back. It is also called cobra pose and also called as sooryanamaskaram.Opens up the shoulders and neck.Tones the abdomen.Strengthens the entire back and shoulders.Improves flexibility of the upper and middle back.Expands the chest.Improves blood circulation.Reduces fatigue and stress.Useful for people with respiratory disorders such as asthma. (Do not practice this yoga pose during the attack though).


Which pose you prefer more?

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