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Yohimbe: A personal testimonial and review on its usefulness, effectiveness and side effects.

Updated on April 14, 2012

I decided to try Yohimbe for its touted stimulant effect, to see if it helped during my early AM jogging. In the past, I have also tried different species of ginseng and other herbs.

Yohimbe apparently comes from a tree bark, and can be purchased in tablet or caplet form. My first try was actually on a night where I had to work well into the early AM. The directions for usage on the bottle called for 3 caplets, which I took. Turns out that dosage was too much for me, as I experienced the following symptoms: a bit of nausea, rapid heartbeat, sweating and nervousness. The 2nd time around, prior to my morning run, I used only one caplet. The negative symptoms were lesser this time, and I did notice increased endurance. So that was a positive.

The effect I look for when trying a supplement like this would be increased alertness and a sense of energy and euphoria. I consider the effect of Yohimbe to be a net negative, as the nervous energy it promoted in me was not what I desired. So I will not use it any longer. My search for the ideal supplement will continue. Each of us react differently to supplements like this, so it may work just fine for some people. I would advise anyone who tries it to proceed with caution.


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