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You Are What You Eat is Not True

Updated on November 22, 2014

The team of researchers culled through data from 72 studies involving 600,000 people from 18 countries and found that saturated fat paranoia in the daily recommendations absurd. It concluded that giving up fatty foods, high in this fat, would unlikely impact one's health. The data showed that saturated fat intake showed little correlation to getting heart disease. The study found that high carb intake and sugar is much more responsible for heart disease. Current health recommendations advice to low saturated fat and more carbs but the study showed that a higher carb intake creates increases Palmitoleic acid, a fatty acid in the bloodstream. This acid is linked to obesity, glucose intolerance, type-2 diabetes.

Oddly, the study revealed that even where people consume 84g of fat per day, the fat in the blood did NOT rise. Neither did cholesterol levels. Even more odd was in some people, despite the increased fat consumption, the fat in their blood actually went down! Yet, when people consumed high levels of carbs, fatty acids increased in the blood. It also showed that in people who had low carb diets, the body prefers to burn saturated fats first.

This study challenges many others where it is claimed that saturated fats raises cholesterol and increases chances for heart disease. This study and data clearly disagrees with it. It seems best lifestyle for eating is a low to moderate level of carbs and saturated fat and to avoid a high carb diet. So, eating less than 50g of saturated fat is fine when combined with a low carb diet and exercise.


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