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You Are a Detox Machine!

Updated on April 12, 2010

It is vital to good health that our bodies perform detoxification. The function of major organs like our liver and kidneys is to purge our systems of toxins. Because we are surrounded by toxins on a daily basis from our environment and from the foods we eat, detoxification is an ongoing process. We cannot control all of the exposures that surround us. But, we can take certain measures to try to limit our toxic exposures while we aid our bodies in detoxification.

Detoxification is vital to good health
Detoxification is vital to good health

 Processed junk foods contain large amounts of additives, preservatives and chemicals that are toxic to our bodies. They are detrimental to our health and should be avoided. They are devoid of nutrients and are difficult for our bodies to assimilate. Since the calories they contain are mostly empty calories, they do not benefit us nutritionally.

Body lotions and beauty products also may contain toxins. It is important to read the ingredient labels of all products you put into and on your body. If a beauty product contains something you cannot eat, you should avoid it. Products that are placed on our skin are absorbed into our systems. The toxic ingredients a skin product may contain will make it into our bloodstream because it will be absorbed.

There are ways that we can effectively control the toxic overload that confronts us everyday. You can actually become your own detox machine! Our bodies are quite capable of detoxification when they are permitted to concentrate on healing. They are well equipped to handle toxins and purge them out of our systems. We can help by not overloading them and taking precious resources away from these important tasks.

A great first step is to eliminate the bad foods and products in your regime. Coconut oil is a great body lotion that is quickly absorbed into the skin. It contains the important nutrients of the coconut and is nourishing and hydrating to skin. It does not contain additives.

Eliminate processed junk foods from your diet. Stay away from foods that contain hydrogenated oils, refined sugars and processed grains. By replacing these harmful foods with healthy choices such as organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains and foods containing omega 3 fatty acids (such as some deep water, wild caught fish and certain nuts like walnuts), you will be helping your body to detoxify and purge out the toxins that have been building up as a result of the consumption of these foods over time.

A good colonic or enema may be helpful as well. Performing one of these procedures will hasten the detoxification process.

It is not easy to make a commitment to change your lifestyle. But, once you do and you start reaping the positive effects, you may just be hooked! You will feel and look younger, lose weight and improve your cholesterol.

Make your meals from scratch. Knowing what is contained in the foods that you feed your family is so important. A great recipe resource is Google. You can find a recipe for just about anything you may have in your refrigerator by googling it. Use plenty of spices and a variety of herbs. These will add wonderful flavor to your meals and add important antioxidants as well.

If you do buy packaged processed foods, stay away from products that contain a long laundry list of ingredients. If you cannot pronounce or identify contents, stay away.

Be your own detox machine! Take your health in your hands. The best time to mind your health is when it is good. If you want until your health is at risk, it may be too late!


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