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You Can Wager On These Steps To Reduce Your Body Fat

Updated on July 13, 2010

You may have totally ignored your health all the while focusing on your career and this may have resulted in fat gains. This is a dangerous situation because serious ailments like heart diseases, blood pressure and diabetes may be waiting in wings to attack you. Therefore, you should immediately take steps to reduce your body fat. Once you gain confidence that you are capable of succeeding in it, you can even attempt to have a six pack abs.

- For reducing your body fat, you must never contemplate crash-dieting or starving. These are the most foolish steps that can be thought of because you may not get any useful results from them. It is true that in the initial stages of starving, you will definitely see some fat loss but after a few days, your body will slowly re-gain the fat. This is because your metabolism will get adjusted to your starving and your body will start storing calories for its future maintenance in the form of fat. Further, by starving, your body will be deprived of the essential nutrition it requires and this will prove to be dangerous in the longer run.

- You are advised not to allow yourself to get extremely hungry because you will have a tendency to over-eat during those occasions. You are also advised to eat slowly because there is a biological secret behind it. Your brain does not realize that you are eating till twenty minutes after you commence eating. If you are extremely hungry and eat your food fast, before your brain realizes that you are eating, you will have over-eaten. This will increase your body fat. But, if you eat slowly, you are less likely to over-eat because when your brain knows that you are eating, it will order you to stop eating when the right level is reached.

- You should change your eating routine from the normal 3 large meals daily to six or seven smaller meals. This is considered to be one of the most effective steps that will help you to lose your body fat. You will be supplying the same amount of calories to your body by eating like this but these calories of the smaller meals can be burned easily and completely by your body, thus helping you to lose fat, whereas in large meals, your body will not be able to burn the entire calories. The unburned calories will accumulate as fats.

- Instead of eating junk foods, processed foods and oily and spicy foods, you must add more of fiber foods to your diet. Fiber foods that comprise wholesome grains, fresh fruits and vegetables will be able to supply to your body the required nutrition and also, will give you the required feeling of fullness so that you will not over-eat.

- Drinking plenty of water is another great step to lose your body fat. Your body will be hydrated from the inside and if you drink a good amount of water, you can avoid eating excessively. Especially, if you drink water during the course of your eating, you will feel the fullness of your stomach more quickly and hence over-eating can be avoided.

These are practical steps with which you can easily shed your fat and get into a great shape.


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