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You Can't Call Yourself Christian and Be Anti-Vaxx

Updated on July 11, 2019

Vaccines save lives, period.

Let's make something clear -

Being anti-vaxx IS child abuse AND attempted murder. Flat out. No question.

Vaccines save lives.

Vaccines DO NOT cause Autism, cancer, homosexuality, transgenderism, mass shootings, PTSD, allergies, and the other nonsense that anti-vaxxers claim they cause.

All vaccines cause is adults.

Now some people who lie about being Christian use this to justify being anti-vaxx. Except here's the thing - no real religion forbids vaccines. (You could argue Scientology does but Scientology is not a religion.) Even the Catholic church says to vaccinate your kids.

Now it's a fact that diseases like measles kill. It's not "a harmless childhood illness." It does kill. Even if it doesn't kill it can leave a child deaf, blind, brain damaged, and/or sterile. And of course the people they spread it to - the immunocompromised, children too young to be vaccinated, people with cancer, etc - can and will die. Herd immunity is real, no matter how the anti-vaxxers try to deny it.

So when you choose to not vaccinate your child you are not only actively attempting to murder them via a deadly disease, you are attempting to murder everyone else that could get that same disease from your child.

The 6th commandment flat out says "Thou shalt not kill."

You are actively breaking the 6th commandment by not vaccinating your child.

Therefore you cannot call yourself a Christian.

Of course there are other reasons why no Christian can be anti-vaxx. As I stated before, Anti-vaxxers and Nazis are pretty much one in the same, right down to calling for all Autistic people to be mass murdered, using racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric, etc. Instead of yellow stars all anti-vaxxers should wear swastikas.

Now being a bigot is against Jesus' teachings. But anti-vaxxers and other racist and homophobic trash always conveniently forget the parable of the Good Samaritan. Not to mention that Jesus Christ was first and foremost a Jew. When you hate Jews you hate Jesus. Therefore, no one who is anti-Semitic, as anti-vaxxers are, can be a Christian. (Why do you think that anti-vaxxers have tried to spread their lies into the Jewish community? Because they flatout want Jews to die en masse. One only has to go into any anti-vaxx Facebook group to see them spouting hatred towards Jews, blacks, and of course homosexuals and transexuals. There's also anti-vaxxers who have tricked innocent Ugandans into drinking Miracle Mineral Solution - an industrial strength bleach meant for bleaching wood pulp. And of course they don't care that they're poisoning the Ugandans because the Ugandans are black and the vast majority of anti-vaxxers are middle class white people.)

As I've said before, when it comes to racism, anti-vaxxers could give the KKK a run for their money.

Next up is the death threats anti-vaxxers send. I've received them. Parents who've had children that have died of SIDS, cancer, or vaccine preventable illnesses (the children in question were too young to be vaccinated) receive them constantly. Ethan J. Linderberger, the brave young man who survived his anti-vaxx mother and defied her to get himself vaccinated has tweeted about receiving death threats from anti-vaxxers, some of them from the church he grew up in.

No real Christian sends death threats. Especially not to someone as brave as Ethan. It's his mother who's the villain here since by not vaccinating him she left him at risk for death. She might as well have put a loaded gun into his hand when he was three and told him to play with it.

Next up is the way anti-vaxxers lie. They often cite VAERS when they talk about their fictional "vaccine injuries." Except their idea of a vaccine injury is things like a 60 year old heavy smoking alcoholic having a stroke, they blame it on the polio vaccine instead of his smoking and drinking. I've also seen them claim homosexuality and transgenderism is a vaccine injury and that "Gay people didn't exist before vaccines." They then turn around and claim being vegan will "cure" gay and transgender people by "detoxing them from the vaccines that turned them this way."

Of course homosexuals and transgender people existed long before vaccines. Jesus Christ even blessed a gay couple. That Roman soldier and his slave? The term used for the slave was specific for slaves that were sold for the purpose of sex. The slave was male just like the soldier. So not only is there Biblical proof that homosexuality has always existed, long before vaccines did, but Jesus actually blessed a gay couple.

Lying - not a very Christian thing to do.

Any time an anti-vaxxer claims someone is vaccine injured they are lying because vaccine injuries don't actually exist. You might get a rash at the most, this is not a vaccine injury because, again, they are no more real than Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. Just like the Earth is round, vaccine injuries are fictional. They are a lie that anti-vaxxers made up to excuse their child abuse.

At the end of the day anti-vaxxers are in no way, shape, or form real parents. Real parents protect their children and that includes against deadly diseases - and the only safe, effective, and real way to protect your children is to vaccinate them.

And anti-vaxxers are not real Christians either because they go 100% against the teachings of Jesus and even break the 6th commandment.

So in the end, you cannot be a Christian and be anti-vaxx. The fact of the matter is, if you're anti-vaxx you're as much of a monster as Albert Fish, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and your buddy, Adolf Hitler.


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